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Advanced Origin-pull Configuration

Last updated: 2021-11-24 15:30:30

    Tencent Cloud CDN allows you to configure fine-grained origin-pull based on origin-pull rules, such as path-based rules (i.e., specifying a file type, folder, full file path, or homepage for origin-pull) and client IP region-based rules.


    • Origin-pull based on client IP region is in beta. Please stay tuned for the official launch.
    • Only primary origin servers support advanced origin-pull. This configuration will inherit the origin type and origin domain settings of the primary origin server, regardless of different types of rules.


    Log in to the CDN console, select Domain Management on the left sidebar, click Manage on the right of a domain name to enter its configuration page, and open the Basic Configuration tab to find the Advanced Origin-pull Configuration section.

    Adding rules

    Add rules for advanced origin-pull as needed. To add one, click Edit in the Primary Origin section and then Advanced Origin-pull Configuration.

    Configuration limitations

    • Each domain name can be configured with up to 50 rules.
    • The origin-pull address of a single rule can be an IP, domain name, and port (range: 0 - 65535; port can be omitted). If "HTTPS" or "Follow Protocol" is selected as the origin-pull protocol, the port should be 443 or left empty.
    • More actions: you can adjust rule priority and edit or delete multiple rules in batches.

    • Rules at the bottom of the list have higher priority. The priority is meaningful for the same type of origin-pull rules only, that is, the priority of path-based rules (i.e., specifying a file type, folder, full-path file, or homepage for origin-pull) and the priority of client IP region-based rules are independent.
    • If a request matches both rule types, rules will be executed in the order of path-based rules and then the client IP region-based rules.
      For example, there are two origin-pull rules: "forwarding the requests initiated by any IP address of Jiangsu to" and "forwarding the requests accessing /test to". If a Jiangsu-located IP accesses the directory /test, the request will be forwarded to
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