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Last updated: 2023-06-29 17:45:01

CDN provides advanced features to enhance the acceleration performance and access security.
Click Manage in the Operation column of the domain name.

Use Case Description Specification
Increase cache hit rate Proper cache policies can effectively improve the cache hit rate. We recommend that you perform the following operations:
• Set a cache validity period of more than 30 days for static files that are rarely updated, such as images and texts.
• Set a cache validity period based on your business requirements for frequently updated files, such as JS and CSS files.
• Do not cache general dynamic files, such as PHP, JSP, ASP, and ASPX files.
Node Cache Configuration
If your business URLs contain parameters and the change of all or some of the parameter values has no effect on the target file, we recommend that you ignore caching parameters. Cache Key Rule Configuration
Increase access security You can enable HTTPS access for your website.
• If you already have a certificate, you can directly upload it.
• You can also go to SSL Certificate Management to apply for a free DV SSL certificate issued by TrustAsia.
HTTPS Configuration Guide
You can enable hotlink protections by using the following configurations:
IP allowlist/blocklist, referer allowlist/blocklist, UA allowlist/blocklist, and URL authentication.
Access Control
Avoid high bills You can enable related protections to help prevent extra costs for extensive bandwidth and traffic caused by malicious attacks and hotlinking. Preventing High Bills
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