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New Billing Cycle

Last updated: 2023-04-18 12:02:57

To prevent a high bill incurred by traffic surges, Tencent Cloud ECDN, originally billed by the number of requests and excessive traffic on a daily basis, switched to an hourly billing cycle at 00:00:00 on March 16, 2022 (UTC+8). This change will not incur any additional costs to your bill, which will be calculated per hour instead. If you activate ECDN service after that date, the new billing cycle is adopted, while if it’s activated before the date you are billed daily and will be notified when it’s appropriate to make a switch.

  • This switching will not affect the unit prices of the number of requests and excessive traffic. Assuming that you are billed daily, the unit price of the monthly tier 0-50 million is 0.029 USD/10K requests, and the unit price of excessive traffic is 0.143 USD/GB; after the switching, both the unit prices will not change.
  • For users still taking a daily billing cycle, you will be notified to make a switch via the Message Center, inbox, SMS (especially messages from your sales rep and architect). If you have any questions, please contact us or submit a ticket, and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • This billing cycle change only applies to ECDN domain names.

Under the new billing cycle, your bill will be calculated per hour. You can check it at the Billing Center in the Tencent Cloud console or export it to view details.

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