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Announcement on the Upgrade of the Activation Entrance for New Users of Tencent Cloud International Content Delivery Network (CDN) Product

Last updated: 2023-10-24 15:56:30
    In order to provide users with higher quality and more reliable security acceleration services, the Content Delivery Network (CDN) product has been comprehensively upgraded to the EdgeOne platform (TencentCloud EdgeOne, abbreviated as EdgeOne). The CDN product provided by Tencent Cloud international Site product is scheduled to upgrade the new user activating product service entrance in the Tencent Cloud International Site Console on March 31, 2024. Based on your current usage situation, please note the following information:
    If you have already accessed and are using the CDN product provided by Tencent Cloud International Site, you can still continue to use the product service through the original Tencent Cloud International Site CDN product entrance without being affected.
    If you have not previously used the CDN product provided by Tencent Cloud International Site, please go to use the EdgeOne platform product. EdgeOne Service will provide you with content delivery acceleration and security protection services.
    This upgrade of the new user actovating entrance only affects users who register and use the Tencent Cloud International Site Console. If your account is a Tencent Cloud China site user, it will not be affected.

    EdgeOne Product Introduction

    EdgeOne is based on Tencent Cloud's edge nodes spread all over the world, providing users with both content delivery network acceleration and edge security protection capabilities. Compared with traditional independent security protection and acceleration products, EdgeOne provides integrated services such as domain name resolution, dynamic and static smart acceleration, L4 acceleration for TCP/UDP, DDoS/CC/Web/Bot protection, and Edge functions computing at the edge nodes, helping customers respond to user requests more rapidly, more securely, and more flexibly.

    EdgeOne Access Guide

    You can refer to "Quick Start" to learn how to access EdgeOne Service. If your current domain name has already used the CDN service and the number of domain names is large, and you want to migrate the existing service to EdgeOne, you can also contact us for assistance in migrating from the backend.

    Common Problems

    Will my current usage of the product be affected?

    The existing service will not be affected, and you can continue to use it.

    How is the EdgeOne product billed?

    EdgeOne product fees include plan fees, extra fees beyond the plan, and value-added service fees. For details, please refer to the billing overview.
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