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Last updated: 2024-01-18 15:16:53

    How do I ensure the security of authentication?

    We recommend deploying the authentication feature on the client at the early stage, and later deploying it at the game app backend.
    Deployment on backend
    Higher security
    Joint testing by backend developers is required
    Deployment on client
    Quick integration
    Lower security

    How long is the validity of the authentication generated by the client?

    The validity is permanent.

    When I access GME, an error code is displayed prompting an authentication failure. How to fix it?

    First, check if the voice message service is enabled in the console. If yes, then verify the following:
    The SDK AppID is consistent with it in the console.
    The OpenID is greater than 10,000.
    null must be entered for the parameter of the voice message room ID.
    The key obtained from the Tencent Cloud console is valid.

    Is any LIB file available for TEA encryption?

    We provide the Authbuffer compilation document and a ZIP file.
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