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Integrating SDK

Last updated: 2024-01-18 15:15:48
    This document describes how to configure an Electron project for the GME APIs for Electron.

    Supported Platforms


    Importing the SDK

    Step 1: Install Node.js

    1. Download the latest version of the Node.js installation package Windows Installer (.msi) 64-bit for Windows.
    2. Open Node.js command prompt in the application list and open a terminal window.

    Step 2. Install Electron

    Run the following command in the terminal to install Electron. V4.0.0 or later is recommended.
    $ npm install electron -g

    Step 3. Install the GME SDK for Electron

    1. Use the following npm command in your Electron project to install the GME SDK:
    $ npm install gme-electron-sdk@latest --save
    2. In the project script, import and use the module:
    const { GmeContext } = require('gme-electron-sdk');
    // import gmesdk from 'gme-electron-sdk';
    gmeContext = new GmeContext();
    // Get the SDK version number

    Step 4. Create an executable program

    Install the packaging tool. We recommend you use Electron Forge. You can run the following command:
    1. Add Electron Forge to your application's development dependencies and run the import command to set the scaffold of Forge:
    npm install --save-dev @electron-forge/cli
    npx electron-forge import
    2. Run the make command of Forge to create a distributable application:
    npm run make
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