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Text-to-Speech Conversion

Last updated: 2024-01-18 11:36:18
    GME's text-to-speech service can convert text to natural and realistic speech based on advanced deep learning technology.
    This feature hasn't been officially launched. To use it, contact the channel manager or submit a ticket to query the price.

    Feature Overview

    Text-to-speech: It synthesizes the speech from text to convert text to realistic speech.
    Custom speech: You can mark and add pauses, numbers, dates, and time and specify other pronunciation rules for custom speech.
    Pitch adjustment: You can customize the pitch of the selected speech.
    Speech speed adjustment: You can adjust the speech speed.

    Use Cases

    Players' text content can be output as speech, effectively simplifying players' operations.
    The game can play back the text content easily to deliver a better user experience to visually impaired players and meet the requirements for accessibility features of your service and application.
    Minor players with a developing text reading ability can comprehend the text more easily. The output speech allows players to communicate more smoothly.


    1. High voice fidelity: Realistic speech is generated based on professional speech synthesis technology.
    2. Wide speech options: You can select the languages and tones most suitable for your players and application from over 220 tones and 40 languages and variants, including Chinese, Hindi, and Spain.
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