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Metaverse Game

Last updated: 2023-04-27 17:06:30
    GME provides voice chat, 3D sound effect, voice changing, special voice effects, and other capabilities, which can be used in real-time metaverse interactive scenarios to improve the interactive, fun, and immersive experience in metaverse games and create diverse and real interactive experiences.

    Metaverse game

    The voice chat service of GME can implement group voice chat in scenarios such as online team building and camping in metaverse social games. It offers over 50 amusing voice changing templates for players to customize their voice. It can work with multiple platforms and terminals to render a high-quality and entertaining metaverse gaming experience.

    VR/AR game

    GME's 3D sound effect feature can implement stereo audio in VR social games and board games like Werewolf and script game, so that players can hear a stereo voice with a sense of direction from other characters, immersing themselves in the game.

    Virtual concert/exhibition

    GME can be used to create next-gen scenarios in a virtual space and implement immersive cloud virtual concerts with tens of thousands of players based on sound reflection, diffraction, and reverb.
    It also enables users to attend online exhibitions immersively as avatars. Plus, exhibitors can use GME's voice service to communicate with each other.
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