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Text Translation

Last updated: 2024-01-18 11:34:34
    GME's text translation service allows you to specify the source (automatic language recognition is supported) and target languages and translate the input text.
    This feature hasn't been officially launched. To use it, contact the channel manager or submit a ticket to query the price.

    Feature Overview

    Language recognition: If you don't know the language of the source text, the system can automatically recognize it.
    Text translation: The text translation service supports over 100 languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. The translation result can be output immediately after the source text is input and the target language is specified.

    Use Cases

    Translation of text in chat channels such as friend, family, guild, and world.
    Automatic text translation during battles.


    1. The text translation service supports over 100 languages.
    2. Owing to training with massive amounts of data and an advanced neural network model, the translation quality is high.
    3. Translation requests are responded to in real time, and the service is highly stable.
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