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Speech-to-Text Conversion

Last updated: 2024-01-18 11:33:46
    GME's speech-to-text conversion service can convert a recording file or a streaming voice message to text in up to 125 languages in real time.


    Recording file to text conversion: GME can convert a recorded audio file to text.
    Streaming voice message to text conversion: GME can convert players' voice messages to text in real time.

    Use cases

    GME can get the text result in real time when a player holds the button to speak in a chat channel.
    GME can convert voice messages in a chat channel to text.
    In word guessing scenarios such as concert and Draw Something, GME can convert players' audio files for policy hitting.
    In human-computer interaction and interaction with AI bot in the game, GME enables players to chat with the bot.

    Product features

    1. GME supports speech-to-text conversion in 125 languages.
    2. GME calls back the audio stream recognition result immediately to the client and server to help the game implement the business logic conveniently.
    3. GME improves the keyword recognition accuracy through custom trending keyword dictionaries.
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