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Product Features

Last updated: 2024-01-18 15:16:53

    What features does GME have?

    GME supports voice chat, voice messaging, and speech-to-text conversion. For more information, see Features.

    What are the gaming application scenarios of GME?

    GME is suitable for gaming scenarios such as team battling, game commanding, and online board games. For more information, see Scenarios.

    Does GME support countries/regions outside the Chinese mainland?

    Yes. Based on self-built 10-Gigabit cloud data centers connected over 20 BGP lines, GME accelerates the domain name based on your business conditions to deliver a stable and fast gaming experience to players. In addition, it supports sites deployed in third-party data centers to cover regions that can be hardly covered by traditional cloud vendors, such as Middle East, South America, and Australia, so as to implement global availability.

    Is there a limit on the number of voice chat rooms or members in GME?

    There is no limit on the number of voice chat rooms. There can be up to 100,000 members in a voice chat room.

    How many users can speak at the same time in a room?

    1. There is no limit on the number of concurrent mic-on users in a voice chat room, but only the voice of up to 12 users (i.e., 12 mixed audio streams) can be heard at the same time by default.
    Up to 20 mixed audio streams can be received concurrently. We recommend that you use the default value, as receiving too many audio streams at the same time will lead to a poor user experience.
    2. If your game requires a large number of players to join the same voice chat room, for example, in a large-scale immersive virtual scenario or multiplayer game, we recommend that you use the range voice feature. With this feature, the GME server can route audio streams based on the distance between players, which enables over 10,000 people to communicate at the same time. For more information, see Range Voice.

    Does the voice chat feature of GME support mobile systems?


    Does GME support Weixin Mini Game?

    Currently, the GME SDK doesn't support Weixin Mini Game and only supports Weixin Mini Program.

    What game engines and platforms does GME support?

    The GME SDK supports the following game engines: Unity, Unreal Engine, and Cocos2d-x. The following platforms are supported: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and HTML5. For more information, see Overview.

    Does GME support Weixin Mini Program?

    Yes. The GME SDK supports mini programs.

    Can GME on Android and GME on iOS communicate with each other?

    Yes. They can communicate with each other under the same Appid.

    Does a GME room support mic sequence-based karaoke?

    GME's HD sound quality can meet the needs of karaoke; however, mic sequence is something that should be implemented at your own product's application layer through a delivery protocol, for example.

    What should I do if another player (such as QQ Player) is required to play back the accompaniment on the Windows client?

    Call the relevant API as instructed in Windows Player Accompaniment. As accompaniment with a third-party player uses an advanced API, you need to contact us for assistance and provide the tmg_adv_win.h header file.

    How do I enable the minor speech recognition feature of GME?

    The minor speech recognition feature is currently made available through an allowlist.
    To enable the minor speech recognition feature for a created application, submit a ticket for application.
    If you haven't created an application, you need to log in to the console to create one first, and then submit a ticket for application.

    Can GME's voice messaging and speech-to-text conversion services be used together with voice chat?

    Yes. The features in the SDK are compatible with each other.

    Which file formats can be recorded by the karaoke feature of GME?

    MP3 and OGG formats are supported.

    Does GME support Android emulators?

    Yes. The GME SDK for Android contains x86 and x64 libraries.

    How do I implement a scenario in which only two members in a room can talk to each other while other members can only listen to them?

    You can use the voice chat role configuration feature to set two members to host and other members to listener.
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