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Last updated: 2023-01-16 16:18:54

    This document helps you get started with Game Multimedia Engine (GME).

    1. Basic GME Knowledge

    2. GME Billing Modes

    GME currently provides multiple services, such as voice chat and voice messaging. For billing details, see Purchase Guide.

    3. Free Demo

    Before using GME, you can try it out first:

    4. Service Activation

    5. Integration Parameter Acquisition

    Client integration parameters

    1. In the GME console, find the application you just created and click Settings in the Operation column to enter the application settings page.

    2. You can get the corresponding AppID and permission key on the page as shown below:

      • When you use the sample project, the AppID and permission key are required as parameters.
      • When you use the SDK, the initialization API Init requires the AppID as a parameter, and the local authentication generation API QAVAuthBuffer.GenAuthBuffer requires the permission key as a parameter.

    TencentCloud API integration parameters

    If you use TencentCloud API, you need SecretId and SecretKey, which can be obtained on the Manage API Key page. We recommend you manage the account access as instructed in Security Best Practice.

    6. Sample Project Run

    GME provides SDKs and sample projects for different platforms. You can better understand how to integrate the GME SDK by running the sample project.

    6.1 Download the sample project

    You can download the sample project for the target platform as instructed in SDK Download Guide.

    6.2 Run the sample project

    View corresponding documents for the platform you use:
    Quick Unreal Engine Demo Run

    7. Basic Feature Integration

    7.1 Download the SDK

    You can download the required SDK files for the target platform as instructed in SDK Download Guide.

    7.2 Configure the project

    Refer to the documentation for each platform to configure the project. Only after the configuration is completed can the APIs be called to use the GME service.

    Platform Configuration Documentation
    Unity Integrating SDK
    Unreal Engine Integrating SDK
    Cocos2d Project Configuration
    Windows Project Configuration
    Android Integrating SDK
    iOS Integrating SDK
    macOS Project Configuration
    HTML5 Project Configuration

    7.3 Quickly integrate the SDK

    The quick integration documents simplify the integration process for you to quickly try out features. The features described in such documents include voice chat and streaming speech-to-text.

    Platform Quick Integration Documentation
    Unity Quick Integration of SDK for Unity
    Unreal Engine Quick Integration of SDK for Unreal Engine
    Windows, iOS, macOS, Android Quick Integration of Native SDK

    7.4 Integrate basic features

    Click here to find the corresponding document for the platform you use.

    7.5 Integration help documentation

    Documents that may be used:

    Document When to Use
    Sound Quality If it is difficult for you to choose a voice chat room type, refer to this document.
    Authentication Key If you want the authentication deployment related to the GME service of your application to be more secure, refer to this document
    SDK Version Upgrade Guide If you upgrade from a previous GME version to a new version, you need to check this document to understand the API changes.
    Error Codes During the SDK integration debugging process, if you find that APIs or callbacks return an error code, refer to this document for solutions.

    8. Advanced Feature Integration

    Desired Operation Reference Document
    Realize the range voice effect in voice chat (similar to "Team Only" and "Everyone" audio modes in PUBG) Range Voice
    Hear a stereo voice with a sense of direction from characters when characters move. The voice also gets weaker as the distance from the source increases, making the game voice more immersive. 3D Sound Effect
    Implement room member management, mic-on/off, and muting. For example, the team leader wants to mute other players in the room, or the game host wants audience members to mic on. Integrating GME Chat Room Management
    Use GME to play the accompaniment in the voice chat room, adjust the EQ of the accompaniment, and play back local sound effects. Accompaniment in Voice Chat, Real-Time Sound Effect, Real-Time Sound Equalizer
    Perform voice changing during voice chat. Players can change their tone to that of a middle-aged man, little girl, etc. Voice Changing Effects
    Make yourself heard only by members in your current team and hear the voices of other stranger players in the matched team in the voice chat room. Custom Audio Forwarding Routing
    Use voice recognition to detect minor players in team battling, so as to find minors bypassing identity verification and the anti-addiction system. Minor Speech Recognition
    Recognize pornographic, violent, abusive, advertising, and other sensitive or harmful information in voice chats, audio files, and voice messages. Voice Chat Moderation, Voice Message Moderation, Third-Party Audio Stream or Audio File Moderation
    Convert players' real-time audio streams into text to present real-time subtitles. Real-Time Speech-to-Text

    9. Console Operation Guide

    For the usage data of voice chat, voice messaging, and other services, see Usage Querying.

    10. FAQs



    Does GME allow using only one OpenId across multiple devices?
    How do I use a downloaded demo?
    What should I do if the screen goes black when I try to open an application after integrating the GME SDK and exporting an APK file?
    What should I do if an error occurs during compilation when I try to export an executable file from Xcode after adding the GMESDK.framework library?
    When should the Poll function in the GME SDK be invoked?

    11. Integration

    If you encounter problems during integration, troubleshot as follows:

    Determining the issue

    You need to determine the type of the issue first and then check the corresponding documents: Authentication, Demo, Network, or Program Export.

    You can also determine the issue document that should be viewed according to the service used:

    Services Used Document
    Voice chat Room Entering Failed, Sound and Audio
    Voice messaging Speech-to-text Conversion
    Speech-to-text Speech-to-text Conversion

    Error codes

    If a call error occurs, you can check the cause and solution based on the error code.

    For example, when you use the SDK, if the 3D sound effect API returns error 7003, you can check the error code document to know that the cause is that InitSpatializer has not been called. Then, check whether InitSpatializer is called in your code in the correct sequence.

    Asking for help

    If the problem cannot be solved through the documentation and error code, contact us for assistance as instructed in Troubleshooting Guide.

    12. Feedback and Suggestions

    If you have any doubts or suggestions when using Tencent Cloud GME products and services, you can submit your feedback through the following channels. Dedicated personnel will contact you to solve your problems.

    • For questions about the product documentation, such as links, content, or APIs, click Send Feedback on the right of the document page.
    • If you encounter problems when using the product, contact online customer service for assistance.
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