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Integration with Business System (Inbound Call Pop-Up)

Last updated: 2024-03-28 19:46:39
    Cloud Contact Center supports integration into your business system via iframe, solving the problem of connecting Cloud Contact Center with the business system.
    When there is an inbound call/session, the system can automatically call up data from the business system and display it for the customer service agent.
    When agents need to make a call, they can call up the dial pad in the business system.

    Inbound Call Pop-up Effect


    Operation Steps

    1. Go to the Cloud Contact Center Management Console, choose General Settings > Inbound Call Pop-up in the left navigation bar to enter the page for the inbound call pop-up, and in the upper left corner click Add Inbound Call Pop-Up.
    2. In the Add Inbound Call Pop-Up dialog box, enter the following information:
    Page Name: The information filled out will be displayed in the inbound call pop-up tag of the agent workstation.
    URL: To ensure the security of your call data, Cloud Contact Center only supports logging in via HTTPS protocol, so the inbound call pop-up only supports URLs with the HTTPS protocol. For example: https://andon.xxx.com/ticket/list/
    Always Visible: Once enabled, the inbound call pop-up page will always be displayed; otherwise, it will only pop up when there is an inbound call.
    Status: To make the inbound call pop-up effective, you need to turn this on.
    3. After you finish the configuration, you can see the effect immediately by refreshing the page on the workstation, as shown in the following figure.

    Parameters Related to Accessing the Business System

    When there is a new inbound call/session, the related parameters are spliced on the hash of the URL and listened to through HashChange. Example: Take Tencent's website as an example. If the page address you entered is: https://www.qq.com, each time when there is an inbound call, the URL we request would be: https://www.qq.com#?mobile=18888888888&type=phone. Explication of parameters for inbound call pop-ups:
    Parameter Description
    Mobile number
    Phone/Web channel: User ID
    WeChat channel: User's WeChat OpenID
    User's WeChat nickname
    User's profile photo
    User status
    100: Incoming call
    200: Connected
    400: Ended
    Service type
    phone: Phone
    im: WeChat/Web page channel graphic conversation
    om: Omnimedia, audio call only
    oim: Audio call + Graphic conversation
    Agent's email address
    Agent's mobile number
    Agent's nickname
    Agent role
    General agent
    Application ID

    Outbound Call Capability

    Display Effect


    Operation Steps

    If you need to configure the Outbound Call button in your business system and make a call, you can call the ccc-sdk in your business system's outbound call feature to call the Cloud Contact Center dial pad. In the future, we will support the access of communication-related parameters during an outbound call. Then you can use the communication-related parameters during the outbound call for your business system. The call method is as follows:
    source: 'ccc-sdk',
    payload: {
    event: 'callOut',
    message: {
    phoneNumber: '15889xxxxxx', // Required
    desc: 'Mr. Liu' // The system displays the field during an outbound call. It is optional. Displays phoneNumber when not present.
    }, '*')

    Sending Custom Cards

    Display Effect


    Operation Steps

    You can call the ccc-sdk in your business system to send card messages to the currently online conversation. Card messages support four fields: title, description, photo, and the URL to jump to after clicking.
    The calling method is as follows:
    source: 'ccc-sdk',
    payload: {
    event: 'sendCard',
    message: {
      header: 'This is the title',  
    desc: 'This is the description', 
    pic: 'https://cloudcache.tencent-cloud.com/qcloud/portal/kit/images/presale.a4955999.jpeg',  
    url: 'https://www.qcloud.com/'
    }, '*')
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