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Product Overview

Last updated: 2024-03-04 09:25:18
    Cloud Infinite (CI) is a professional all-in-one image processing solution provided by Tencent Cloud. It enables users to upload, download, store, process, and recognize images. With a decade of image service experience from operating Qzone photo albums, Tencent Cloud CI offers a variety of features, such as image processing, original image protection, cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), and style preconfiguration.


    Basic image processing

    The image upload and storage services of CI are based on Cloud Object Storage (COS), which allows you to manage files through the upload and processing APIs of COS. CI also provides a rich set of image processing features including intelligent cropping, lossless compression, watermarking, and format conversion.

    Image management

    Original image protection The original image protection feature of CI protects images by limiting the access to these images only through URLs containing style names. It also embeds your images with unique tags to prevent unauthorized use of your images by other users or institutions.
    Origin-pull configuration Origin-pull enables seamless content migration from origin servers to Tencent Cloud Object Storage without interrupting access.

    Domain name management

    You can utilize domain name adjustment to choose whether to enable CDN acceleration, set your own custom domain names, and configure hotlink protection to prevent image traffic misdirection.

    Application Scenarios

    CI is applicable wherever images are required in apps and on websites.
    Social networking (such as Momo and Girlfriends) For social apps that need to handle massive user-uploaded images, CI provides a rich set of image processing features including cropping, compression, and watermarking to fit various business scenarios.
    E-commerce (such as Vipshop and MIA) For e-commerce apps, CI provides image content detection to automatically review images uploaded by merchants and detect illegal content.
    Gaming (such as Arena of Valor and Happy Poker) When users upload custom avatars in gaming apps, CI can detect illegal and inappropriate content in real time, and offers basic processing features such as cropping and compression.
    Financial services (such as WeBank and Tenpay) For financial service apps, CI can accurately detect important information in ID documents to improve the efficiency of identity verification. It also can be used to conduct real-name verification for users.
    Logistics (such as SF Express and ZTO Express) Logistics plays an important role in the rapid development of e-commerce. However, the traditional manual recognition of waybill information is costly and inefficient. CI’s intelligent waybill recognition allows for quick and accurate recognition of sender and receiver information on waybills to speed up package information input and transit.
    This comprehensive image solution enables developers to provide quick image services to their users, and gives them the scalability to meet fast-changing business needs based on the elastic scheduling capability of Tencent Cloud services.
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