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Media Bucket APIs

Last updated: 2022-05-24 16:41:42


    This document provides an overview of APIs and SDK code samples for media buckets.

    API Operation Description
    DescribeMediaBuckets Querying media processing activation status Queries buckets with media processing enabled

    Querying Media Processing Activation Status

    Feature description

    This API is used to query buckets with media processing enabled.


    The COS Go SDK version must be at least v0.7.32.

    Method prototype

    func (s *CIService) DescribeMediaProcessBuckets(ctx context.Context, opt *DescribeMediaProcessBucketsOptions) (*DescribeMediaProcessBucketsResult, *Response, error)

    Sample request

    // Set the request URL to `ci.<Region>.myqcloud.com`
    cu, _ := url.Parse("https://ci.ap-guangzhou.myqcloud.com")
    b := &cos.BaseURL{CIURL: cu}
    c := cos.NewClient(b, &http.Client{
       Transport: &cos.AuthorizationTransport{
           SecretID:  "SECRETID",
           SecretKey: "SECRETKEY",
    opt := &cos.DescribeMediaProcessBucketsOptions{
       Regions: "ap-guangzhou",
    res, _, err := c.CI.DescribeMediaProcessBuckets(context.Background(), opt)
    if err != nil {
       // ERROR       
    fmt.Printf("res: %+v\n", res)

    Parameter description

    type DescribeMediaProcessBucketsOptions struct {
          Regions     string
          BucketNames string
          BucketName  string
          PageNumber  int
          PageSize    int
    Parameter Description Type Required
    Regions Region information, such as ap-shanghai and ap-beijing. To specify multiple regions, separate them with commas. For more information, see Regions and Domain Names. string No
    BucketNames Bucket name. To specify multiple bucket names, separate them with commas. Exact search is supported. string No
    BucketName Bucket name prefix for prefix search. string No
    PageNumber Page number. string No
    PageSize Number of entries per page. string No

    Response description

    type DescribeMediaProcessBucketsResult struct {
          RequestId       string
          TotalCount      int
          PageNumber      int
          PageSize        int
          MediaBucketList []MediaProcessBucket
    type MediaProcessBucket struct {
          BucketId   string
          Region     string
          CreateTime string

    The nodes are as described below:

    Node Name (Keyword) Parent Node Description Type
    RequestId Response Unique ID of the request. String
    TotalCount Response Total number of media buckets. Int
    PageNumber Response Current page number, which is the same as pageNumber in the request. Int
    PageSize Response Number of entries per page, which is the same as pageSize in the request. Int
    MediaBucketList Response Media bucket list. Container

    MediaBucketList has the following sub-nodes:

    Node Name (Keyword) Parent Node Description Type
    BucketId Response.MediaBucketList Bucket ID. String
    Name Response.MediaBucketList Bucket name, which is the same as BucketId. String
    Region Response.MediaBucketList Bucket region. String
    CreateTime Response.MediaBucketList Creation time. String
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