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Feature Overview

Last updated: 2024-03-04 09:26:05
Cloud Infinite (CI) provides the following features:
Basic image processing
Proportional scaling, scaling based on a target height and width, and more
Regular cropping, scaling and cropping, inscribed circle cropping, rounded corner cropping, and smart cropping
Regular rotation and adaptive rotation
Format conversion, GIF format optimization, and progressive display
Changes the quality of images in JPG and WEBP formats
Blurs images
Adjusts image brightness
Adjusts contrast
Sharpens images
Adds image watermarks and text watermarks for images
Obtaining image information
Removes image metadata, including EXIF information
Provides the thumbnail feature, which can quickly convert the image format, scale and crop the image, and generate a thumbnail
Limits the size of an image processed (e.g., scaled or compressed).
Sets basic image processing operations as styles, so that users can directly use style parameters to quickly process images
Advanced features
Guetzli image compression
A visually lossless compression service, which can compress JPG and JPEG images at a high ratio to reduce the downstream traffic usage and accelerate downloads
Image advanced compression
Allows you to easily convert images into formats that provide a high compression ratio, such as TPG and HEIF. This effectively reduces the transmission time, loading time, and the use of bandwidth and traffic.
Detects whether other types of suspicious files such as video streams are hidden in images
Blind watermarking
A brand-new watermarking feature, which allows you to add a watermark to the input image information without displaying the watermark or significantly affecting the image quality. If an image is stolen, you can extract the blind watermark from the suspected image to check whether the image belongs to you.
Media processing
Captures the frames of a video at specified time points. You can customize the start time point of frame capturing, frame capturing interval, number of frames to be captured, and output image size and format to meet your diversified needs.
Converts a video file into an animated image file. You can specify the video segment for conversion, frame sampling method, as well as the frame rate, size, and format of the output animated image to meet your different needs.
Intelligently analyzes the quality, brilliance, and content relevance of video frames by understanding the video content with Tencent Cloud's advanced AI technologies. Then, it extracts optimal frames to generate thumbnails to make the content more engaging.
Converts an audio/video file bitstream. It changes parameters of the source bitstream, such as codec, resolution, and bitrate, to adapt to different devices and network conditions.
Divides an audio or video into several segments of the specified duration to improve the efficiency of post-production. It allows you to change the container format of the audio or video segments during segmentation.
Clips the specified segment of a video file to generate a new video, or adds a segment at the beginning or end of a video file to generate a new video
Makes videos smaller and clearer. It delivers a better visual experience with guaranteed low network resource usage.
Generates multi-bitrate adaptive HLS or DASH target files from a single original video at one time, helping you quickly distribute video content in different network conditions
Reconstructs the details and local features of a video by recognizing its content and contour so as to generate a high-resolution video image through a series of low-resolution video images
By leveraging AI technologies to comprehensively analyze and assess video content, the video enhancement feature provides details enhancement, color enhancement, SDR to HDR, and super resolution features, which improve the video quality from all aspects.
By leveraging the multimodal content understanding technology, the video montage feature recognizes and aggregates the video content, postures, and scenes to quickly and professionally generate highlights such as shots in games, choruses of songs, and hilarious moments in variety shows.
CI can hide images and strings in a video or image in a way they can hardly be detected or modified, without compromising the integrity and layout of the video or image. By identifying the watermark hidden in the content, you can confirm the content creator, copyright owner, and spreaders and check whether the video content is tampered with.
Accurately recognizes video content and automatically outputs multidimensional content tags by analyzing the visuals, scenes, behaviors, and objects in a video based on multimodal information fusion and alignment technologies.
Comprehensively analyzes the video clarity, signal-to-noise ratio, color, brightness, and other parameters and outputs a video quality score through no-reference image quality assessment
You can get the metadata of media files such as videos, audios, and subtitles stored in COS, including video file's encoding format, codec, pixel format, duration, bitrate, frame rate, width, and height.
Adds the specified video/audio segment at the beginning or end of a video/audio file to generate a new one
Smart voice
Converts text to natural-sounding and smooth speeches through advanced deep learning technology
Speech recognition
Recognizes a recording file and asynchronously returns the recognized text. It can be used for call center speech quality inspection, video subtitles generation, and meeting recording transcription.
Separates the voice from the background sound in a video material to generate a new independent audio file
Removes device noise, ambient noise, and other noises for an audio in course recording, outdoor shooting post-production, or other scenarios
Content moderation
Image moderation
Helps you effectively identify restricted content (including pornography, violation, and ad) in images. At present, CI supports automatic moderation and human moderation by professional teams to secure the platform in an all-around way.
Video moderation
Helps you effectively identify restricted content (including pornography, violation, and ad) in videos. At present, CI supports automatic moderation and human moderation by professional teams to secure the platform in an all-around way.
Audio moderation
Helps you effectively identify restricted content (including pornography, violation, and ad) in audios. At present, CI supports automatic moderation and human moderation by professional teams to secure the platform in an all-around way.
Text moderation
Helps you effectively identify restricted content (that is, content that may be uncomfortable, such as pornography, violation, ad, and abuse) in text files. At present, CI supports automatic moderation and human moderation by professional teams to secure the platform in an all-around way.
File processing service
Hash calculation
Calculates the hash of a file. Currently supported hash algorithms are MD5, SHA1, and SHA256. File size limit:Sync request: Below 128 MB.Async request: Below 50 GB.
File decompression
Decompresses .zip, .tar, .gz, or .7z packages in the cloud and dumps the extracted files to COS. File size limit: Below 5 TB.
Multi-file zipping
Compresses multiple files into .zip, .tar, or .tar.gz format. File limit: Up to 10,000 files of less than 50 GB in total can be zipped.
Content recognition
Image recognition
Recognizes QR codes and image tags.
Image matting
Recognizes the product entity in an image and removes background information to obtain a product material with a transparent background. It is suitable for intelligent generation of e-commerce posters, personalized product recommendation, and other features.
Image repair
Recognizes the entity in a specified area in the image to be repaired, and intelligently fills in the image texture similar to the surrounding area through the AI ​​​​algorithm. It is suitable for commercial photography post-production, social entertainment content production, and other scenarios.
Logo recognition
Recognizes the e-commerce logo in an image, and returns the name, coordinates, and confidence score of the logo in the image
Vehicle and license plate detection
Detects the vehicle in an image, and recognizes information such as vehicle brand, color, location, and license plate location
Based on Tencent Cloud's industry-leading deep learning technology, the optical character recognition (OCR) feature is capable of intelligently recognizing words on images and converting them into editable text. It can be used in photo scanning, paper document digitization, e-commerce ad moderation, and many other scenarios to greatly improve the efficiency of information processing.
Performs feature extraction, comparison, and search on the images in an image library. It is suitable for e-commerce product search, copyright protection, and other scenarios.
Face filter
Supports beauty filter, gender swap, age change, and face cut-out. It is suitable for many use cases, such as social entertainment, marketing, and interactive communication.
Recognizes all fields on the front and back of a second-generation Chinese ID card, including name, gender, ethnicity, date of birth, address, ID number, issuing authority, and validity period. It can also crop ID card photos and face photos, as well as warn about photographed, doctored, and photocopied images, edge and frame occlusions, temporary ID cards, and invalid validity periods.
Integrates the capability of liveness detection and comparison with authoritative face libraries, where a selfie video, name, and ID card number can be passed in to verify the user's identity
Document processing
Allows you to preview documents of nearly 30 types through image or HTML online, with the source document style preserved as much as possible. This addresses the lack of support for certain document formats on different devices and enables online document preview on PC, app, and other terminals.
Provides private data filtering services, which can filter various types of private data in text files to effectively prevent information leakage, such as ID number, taxpayer identification number, business registration number, military ID number, email address, license plate number, and mobile number

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