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Basic Image Processing Service

Last updated: 2024-01-31 16:33:35
    CI provides multiple basic image processing features that facilitate various scenarios. For the supported basic image processing features, please see Overview.
    You can use APIs to process images during download. In addition, CI’s Pipeline Operator allows you to perform multiple processing on images in sequence.
    Currently, CI offers a 10 TB/month free tier for basic image processing. Exceeded usage will be charged at regular rates.


    Using CI console

    You can process images using the CI console. For more information, please see Setting Styles.

    Using RESTful APIs

    You can process images using the APIs provided by CI. For more information, please see the API Documentation of Basic Image Processing.


    Format: Currently, processing JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and WebP, as well as decoding and processing HEIF are supported.
    Size: The input image cannot be larger than 20 MB, with its width and height not exceeding 30,000 pixels, and the total number of pixels not exceeding 250 million. The width and height of the output image cannot exceed 9,999 pixels. For an input animated image, the total number of pixels (Width x Height x Number of frames) cannot exceed 250 million pixels.
    Number of frames (for animated images): For GIF, the number of frames cannot exceed 300.
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