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Setting Bucket Tags

Last updated: 2024-01-31 16:44:15


    A bucket tag is a key-value pair (key = value), where the tag key and tag value are connected by an equal sign (=), for example, group = IT. It can be used to manage buckets in groups. You can set, query, and delete the tags for a specified bucket via the console.


    Each bucket can have up to 50 different bucket tags.
    qcs: and project are reserved fields. Therefore, do not use them in tag keys or tag values. For more limits, see Bucket Tag Overview.


    Adding a tag when binding a bucket

    You can add a bucket tag when binding a bucket.

    Adding a tag when creating a bucket

    You can add a bucket tag when creating a bucket.

    Adding a tag to a bound bucket

    If you didn't add a tag when binding a bucket, you can perform the following steps to add a tag for your bucket:
    1. On the Bucket List page, click the name of the desired bucket to enter the bucket configuration page.
    2. Click Bucket Configuration on the left, find the Tagging configuration item, and click Add Tags.
    3. Enter the tag key and tag value. Then, click Save.
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