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Privacy Protection

Last updated: 2024-01-31 16:33:35


    CI's privacy protection feature provides private data filtering services. It can filter various types of private data in text files to effectively prevent information leakage, such as ID number, taxpayer identification number, business registration number, military ID number, email address, license plate number, and mobile number. In addition, it determines the sensitivity level (low, medium, or high) based on the type and amount of sensitive data, and then displays the names of laws and regulations that may be violated by the files for reference. This well meets diverse requirements of data availability and privacy protection.
    Privacy protection is a paid feature. For billing details, see File Processing Fees.

    Use Cases


    Knowledge base websites receive a large number of files uploaded by users every day, but some files may contain private data such as ID numbers and military ID numbers, which may bring legal risks. CI's privacy protection feature can automatically filter such data when files are uploaded, ensuring the website security at all times and efficiently avoiding risks.

    Enterprise OA

    Different employees have different permissions to view different files. Therefore, file transfer between them may involve permission conversion. If there is a lack of file content filtering, sensitive data leakage may occur. CI's privacy protection feature can conduct customized filtering for different types of data, so that employees can view files only under their respective permissions.


    Enabling service

    You can visually enable the privacy protection feature in the CI console and select multiple privacy categories as filters. For more information, see Privacy Protection.

    Viewing filtering results

    After enabling privacy protection, you can view the details of private and sensitive data on the feature page in the CI console by time, violation type, sensitivity level, or moderation type. For more information, see Privacy Protection.
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