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Moderation Details

Last updated: 2024-01-31 16:44:15


    After enabling sensitive content moderation, you can view the moderation results by condition and manually process them on the Moderation Details page.


    Filtering results

    1. Log in to the CI console.
    2. On the left sidebar, select Bucket Management to enter the Bucket Management page.
    3. Click the name of the target bucket to go to the configuration page.
    4. On the left sidebar, select Sensitive Content Moderation > Moderation Details to enter the Moderation Details page.
    5. Select the conditions as needed.
    Scope: You can view the results of moderation through API calls, automatic moderation, and historical data moderation.
    File type: You can view the moderation results of images, videos, audios, and text.
    Detection Scenario: You can view the moderation results for pornographic, illegal or non-compliant, or advertising content detection or all scenarios of the selected file type.
    Moderation Result: Moderated files are categorized into three types: sensitive, suspected, and normal files. You can view a type of file or all files.
    Sensitive: Images whose score falls within the range of [91,100].
    Suspected: Images that are suspected to be sensitive and whose score falls within the range of [61,90]. For such images, the system cannot determine whether they are sensitive, so we recommend you determine it through human moderation.
    Normal: Images whose score falls within the range of [0,60].
    Block Status: You can view the moderation results of blocked, normal, or all files.
    Moderation time: You can view the moderation results in the specified time period.
    If you rename a file or modify its metadata, the file will be considered a newly uploaded file and have a new moderation result.
    Image Score: If you select All for Moderation Result, you can filter files by customizing the file moderation score interval.
    Object Name: You can enter a filename to view the moderation result of the specified file.
    6. Click Query to view the moderation results.
    The Moderation Details page only displays the details of moderations called in the console but not those called through an API or SDK.

    Exporting results

    After filtering results, click Export to export the results as a .csv or .xlsx file.
    The fields in the moderation result file are as detailed below:
    Record ID
    Unique record ID of the moderation result.
    Name of the moderated file.
    Size of the moderated file.
    Moderation type
    You can select Porn, Ad, Illegal, or Abuse.
    Moderation result
    Normal: Normal file.
    Possible: Suspiciously sensitive file.
    Convince: Sensitive file.
    Whether the file is blocked
    Yes: Blocked.
    No: Not blocked.
    Moderation score
    The confidence the moderation result hits the moderation scene. Value range: 0–100. The higher the value, the more likely the content hits the currently returned moderation scene.
    For example, Porn 99 means that the content is very likely to be pornographic.
    Creation time
    Creation time of the moderated file.
    Resource path
    Storage path of the moderated file.
    Source URL
    URL of the moderated file.

    Manually moderating results

    After you filter results, the Moderation Details page will show filtered results, and you can perform the following operations on the filtered results:
    Block an image or set its status to Normal.
    Click a moderated image to view its details.
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