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Media Screenshot APIs

Last updated: 2022-05-24 16:35:04


    This document provides an overview of APIs and SDK code samples for media screenshot.


    The COS Node.js SDK version must be at least v2.11.2.

    API Operation Description
    GetSnapshot Querying screenshot Query the screenshot of media file at some time point

    Querying Screenshot

    Feature description

    This API is used to query the screenshot of a media file at some time point.


    Before using this API, make sure that the media processing feature has been enabled in the data processing section in the console; otherwise, the error media bucket unbinded, bucket's host is unavailable will be reported.

    Sample code

    var config = {
     // Replace with your own bucket information
     Bucket: 'examplebucket-1250000000', /* Bucket (required) */
     Region: 'COS_REGION', /* Bucket region (required) */
       Bucket: config.Bucket,
       Region: config.Region,
       Method: 'GET',
       Key: 'test.mp4',  /* Media file in bucket (required) */
       Query: {
           'ci-process': 'snapshot', /** Fixed value (required) */
           time: 1, /** Screenshot time point in seconds (required) */
           // width: 0, /** Screenshot width (optional) */
           // height: 0, /** Screenshot height (optional) */
           // format: 'jpg', /** Screenshot format (optional). Valid values: jpg; png. Default value: jpg */
           // rotate: 'auto', /** Image rotation method (optional). Default value: auto */
           // mode: 'exactframe', /** Frame capturing method (optional). Default value: exactframe */
       RawBody: true,
    function(err, data){
       console.log(err || data);

    Parameter description

    Parameter Description Type Required
    Bucket Bucket name in the format of BucketName-APPID. String Yes
    Region Bucket region. For the enumerated values, see Regions and Access Endpoints. String Yes
    Key Object key (object name), which is the unique identifier of the object in the bucket. For more information, see Object Overview. String Yes
    ci-process Operation type, which is fixed at snapshot. String Yes
    time Screenshot time point in seconds. Number Yes
    width Screenshot width. Default value: 0. Number No
    height Screenshot height. Default value: 0. If width and height are both 0, the width and height of the video are used. If one of them is 0, the other value is used to automatically adapt to the aspect ratio of the video. Number No
    format Screenshot format. Valid values: jpg; png. Default value: jpg. String No
    rotate Image rotation method. auto: Rotate automatically according to the video rotation information. off: Do not rotate. Default value: auto. String No
    mode Frame capturing method. keyframe: Capture the last keyframe before the specified time point. exactframe: Capture the frame at a specified time point. Default value: exactframe. String No

    Callback function description

    function(err, data) { ... }
    Parameter Description Type
    err The object returned when an error (network error or service error) occurs. If the request is successful, this parameter is empty. For more information, see Error Codes. Object
    - statusCode Returned HTTP status code, such as 200, 403, and 404. Number
    - headers Returned headers. Object
    data The object returned when the request is successful. If an error occurs with the request, this parameter is empty. Object
    - statusCode Returned HTTP status code, such as 200, 403, and 404. Number
    - headers Returned headers. Object
    - RequestId Unique ID of the request. String
    - Body Returned file content, which is in string format by default. String
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