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File Processing Service

Last updated: 2024-01-31 16:33:35


    File processing features such as hash calculation, decompression, and compression and packaging are provided for all files stored in COS. Currently, the following file processing features are supported:
    Hash calculation
    It calculates the file hash. Currently, the following hash calculation algorithms are supported: MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256.
    File size limits:
    Sync request: Below 128 MB.
    Async request: Below 50 GB.
    File decompression
    It decompresses .zip, .tar, .gz, or .7z packages in the cloud and dumps the extracted files to COS.
    File size limit: Below 5 TB.
    Multi-file zipping
    It compresses multiple files into a .zip, .tar, or tar.gz format.
    File limit: Up to 10,000 files of less than 50 GB in total can be zipped.
    The file processing service is provided and charged by CI. For billing details, see File Processing Fees.
    Currently, the file processing service is available only in Beijing and Shanghai regions.

    Use Cases

    Data verification

    The file hash calculation feature can be used to quickly check the data consistency.

    Daily tools

    On-cloud PaaS file compression and decompression features are provided, which enable you to preview files after decompression and enrich online preview scenarios.

    How to Use

    The file processing feature is provided by CI, so you need to click here to activate CI first.
    After activating CI, you can enable file processing in the COS console and then use the feature in the console or via an API.

    Using the COS console

    In the file list

    You can click More Actions in the bucket file list to perform file processing operations such as hash calculation on files. For more information, see Processing File in File List.

    Through a job

    You can perform file processing operations through jobs and workflows. For more information, see Configuring File Hash Calculation Job.
    Currently, this feature can be used only through a job but not a workflow.
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