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Media Bucket APIs

Last updated: 2022-05-24 16:41:41


    This document provides an overview of APIs and SDK code samples for media buckets.

    API Operation Description
    DescribeMediaBuckets Querying media processing activation status Queries buckets with media processing enabled

    Querying Media Processing Activation Status

    Feature description

    This API is used to query buckets with media processing enabled.

    Method prototype

    cos_status_t *ci_describe_media_buckets(const cos_request_options_t *options,
                                          const ci_media_buckets_request_t *media_request,
                                          cos_table_t *headers, 
                                          cos_table_t **resp_headers,
                                          ci_media_buckets_result_t **media_result);

    Parameter description

    Parameter Description Type
    options COS request options. Struct
    media_request Request parameters for media bucket query. Struct
    regions Region information, such as ap-shanghai and ap-beijing. To specify multiple regions, separate them with commas. String
    bucket_names Bucket name. To specify multiple bucket names, separate them with commas. Exact search is supported. String
    bucket_name Bucket name prefix for prefix search. String
    page_number Page number. String
    page_size Number of entries per page. String
    headers COS request headers. Struct
    resp_headers Returned HTTP response headers. Struct
    media_result Returned information of buckets with media processing enabled. Struct
    total_count Total number of media buckets. Int
    page_number Current page number, which is the same as pageNumber in the request. Int
    page_size Number of entries per page, which is the same as pageSize in the request. Int
    media_bucket_list Media bucket list. Struct
    bucket_id Bucket ID. String
    name Bucket name, which is the same as BucketId. String
    region Region. String
    create_time Creation time. String

    Response description

    Response Parameter Description Type
    code Error code Int
    error_code Error code String
    error_msg Error message String
    req_id Request message ID String


    For the complete code, see the test_ci_media_process_media_bucket() function in cos_demo.c.

    #include "cos_http_io.h"
    #include "cos_api.h"
    #include "cos_log.h"
    // CI endpoint. For more information, visit https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/1045/33423
    static char TEST_CI_ENDPOINT[] = "https://ci.ap-guangzhou.myqcloud.com";
    // A developer-owned secret ID/key used for the project. It can be obtained at https://console.tencentcloud.com/cam/capi.
    static char *TEST_ACCESS_KEY_ID;                //your secret_id
    static char *TEST_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET;            //your secret_key
    // A unique user-level resource identifier for COS access. It can be obtained at https://console.tencentcloud.com/cam/capi.
    static char TEST_APPID[] = "<APPID>";    //your appid
    void log_status(cos_status_t *s)
      cos_warn_log("status->code: %d", s->code);
      if (s->error_code) cos_warn_log("status->error_code: %s", s->error_code);
      if (s->error_msg) cos_warn_log("status->error_msg: %s", s->error_msg);
      if (s->req_id) cos_warn_log("status->req_id: %s", s->req_id);
    static void log_media_buckets_result(ci_media_buckets_result_t *result)
      int index = 0;
      ci_media_bucket_list_t *media_bucket;
       cos_warn_log("total_count: %d", result->total_count);
      cos_warn_log("page_number: %d", result->page_number);
      cos_warn_log("page_size: %d", result->page_size);
       cos_list_for_each_entry(ci_media_bucket_list_t, media_bucket, &result->media_bucket_list, node) {
          cos_warn_log("media_bucket index:%d", ++index);
          cos_warn_log("media_bucket->bucket_id: %s", media_bucket->bucket_id.data);
          cos_warn_log("media_bucket->name: %s", media_bucket->name.data);
          cos_warn_log("media_bucket->region: %s", media_bucket->region.data);
          cos_warn_log("media_bucket->create_time: %s", media_bucket->create_time.data);
    void test_ci_media_process_media_bucket()
      cos_pool_t *p = NULL;
      int is_cname = 0; 
      cos_status_t *s = NULL;
      cos_request_options_t *options = NULL;
      cos_table_t *resp_headers;
      ci_media_buckets_request_t *media_buckets_request;
      ci_media_buckets_result_t *media_buckets_result;
       // Basic configuration
      cos_pool_create(&p, NULL);
      options = cos_request_options_create(p);
      options->config = cos_config_create(options->pool);
      cos_str_set(&options->config->endpoint, TEST_CI_ENDPOINT);     // https://ci.<Region>.myqcloud.com
      cos_str_set(&options->config->access_key_id, TEST_ACCESS_KEY_ID);
      cos_str_set(&options->config->access_key_secret, TEST_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET);
      cos_str_set(&options->config->appid, TEST_APPID);
      options->config->is_cname = is_cname;
      options->ctl = cos_http_controller_create(options->pool, 0);
       // Use your own configuration. For more information, visit https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/436/46909.
      media_buckets_request = ci_media_buckets_request_create(p);
      cos_str_set(&media_buckets_request->regions, "");
      cos_str_set(&media_buckets_request->bucket_names, "");
      cos_str_set(&media_buckets_request->bucket_name, "");
      cos_str_set(&media_buckets_request->page_number, "1");
      cos_str_set(&media_buckets_request->page_size, "10");
      s = ci_describe_media_buckets(options, media_buckets_request, NULL, &resp_headers, &media_buckets_result);
      if (s->code == 200) {
       // Terminate the memory pool
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
      // Get `SECRETID` and `SECRETKEY` from environment variables
      TEST_ACCESS_KEY_ID     = getenv("COS_SECRETID");
        if (cos_http_io_initialize(NULL, 0) != COSE_OK) {
       //set log level, default COS_LOG_WARN
       //set log output, default stderr
       return 0;
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