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Batch Data Processing

Last updated: 2024-01-31 16:44:15


    CI supports batch processing of files stored in COS. You can specify a workflow or an independent job node as the operation of batch data processing.


    Creating batch data processing job

    1. Log in to the CI console.
    2. Click Bucket Management on the left sidebar to enter the bucket list.
    3. Click Manage in the Operation column on the right of the target bucket to enter the bucket management page.
    4. On the left sidebar, click Job and Workflow > Batch Data Processing.
    5. Click Create Batch Data Processing Job to enter the creation page.
    6. On the Create Workflow page, configure the following items:
    Job Name: It is required and can contain up to 128 letters, digits, underscores (_), and hyphens (-).
    Input Bucket Name: It is the current bucket by default.
    Scope: Determine the data scope for batch processing, which is the current bucket file list by default.
    Time: Select the default audio/video/image file filter rule or a custom workflow rule. You can also select all files to process all objects in the bucket.
    Prefix: Scan files with the specified prefix to perform operations specified in the processing settings.
    Processing Type: Set operations for data within the specified range. You can select a workflow or independent node. For configurations for independent nodes, see Job.
    Select Workflow: Select the workflow to be executed.

    Viewing batch data processing job result

    1. Go to the batch data processing page and click Execution Result in the Operation column of the target workflow.
    2. If the processing type is workflow, clicking Execution Result will redirect you to Execution Record > Workflow Execution Result.
    3. If the processing type is independent node, clicking Execution Result will redirect you to Execution Record > Job Result.
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