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Media Processing API List

Last updated: 2024-02-18 17:02:09

    Job APIs

    Job is an abstract concept. Media processing includes many types of jobs, such as transcoding, screenshot, and media information query. A job contains three key pieces of information: input, output, and parameters. Input and output control the input file when the job is executed and the target file after the job is executed, and parameters control the detailed configurations for executing specific features. A job can be either sync or async:
    Sync job: Jobs can be submitted synchronously for execution.
    Async job: Jobs are queued in the media processing queue in order of submission and priority.
    Job API
    Basic processing
    Audio/Video transcoding
    Top speed codec transcoding
    Video-to-animated image conversion
    Video frame capturing
    Audio/Video remuxing
    Audio/Video splicing
    Media information query
    Image quality enhancement (including functions such as hyper-differentiation rate, interpolation, color enhancement, etc.)
    Video quality scoring
    Copyright protection
    Digital watermark
    Smart editing
    Video tagging
    Video montage
    Intelligent thumbnail
    Smart voice
    Audio noise cancellation
    Voice/Sound separation
    Text to speech
    Speech recognition
    Sync jobs
    Video frame capturing
    Media information query
    Private M3U8

    Template APIs

    For media processing features such as audio/video transcoding, audio/video splicing, video frame capturing, and video-to-animated image conversion, you need to specify a template when creating a job or workflow in CI. The template page provides preset templates, and you can also customize templates based on your business needs. For more information on media processing templates, see Media Processing.

    Workflow APIs

    A workflow in media processing refers to the process of automatically processing the specified uploaded file by configuring multiple job operations. For more information on calls, see Workflow APIs.

    Batch Operation APIs

    A batch operation is to execute a single job or automatically perform operations configured in a workflow on the specified existing file. For more information on calls, see Batch Job APIs.
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