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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2022-08-22 16:35:26

    Billing Mode

    CI is pay-as-you-go (postpaid).

    Fees are charged by the actual usage. Amounts are deducted and the bill for the previous month is generated on the first day of each month. When you start using CI, it will be pay-as-you-go by default, so you do not need to purchase it.


    For CI pricing details, see Pricing Overview.

    As the data storage service of CI is based on COS, the storage fees will be listed on COS bills. For more information, see Pricing | Cloud Object Storage.

    Amount Freezing Mechanism

    After the bill for the current month is settled, 120% of its amount will be frozen for the next month. During settlement the next month, this frozen amount will be unfrozen first for deduction.

    Billable Items

    CI billable items include image processing, media processing, file processing, and traffic.

    Billing cycle

    The billing cycles and sequence of CI billable items are as detailed below:

    Billable Item Billing Cycle Description Billing Sequence
    Image processing Basic image processing fees Monthly Amounts are deducted and the bill for the previous month is generated on the first day of each month. Free tier > resource pack > pay-as-you-go, or only pay-as-you-go in case of no free tier and resource pack
    Image advanced compression fees
    Guetzli image compression fees
    Blind watermark fees
    Media processing Audio/Video transcoding fees Monthly
    Top speed codec transcoding fees
    Video montage fees
    Video enhancement fees
    Super resolution fees
    SDR to HDR fees
    Voice/Sound separation fees
    Video tagging fees
    Video metadata acquisition fees
    Digital watermark fees
    Video frame capturing fees
    Intelligent thumbnail fees
    Text to speech fees
    Audio noise cancellation fees
    File processing File-to-image conversion fees Monthly
    File-to-HTML conversion fees
    Privacy protection fees
    Traffic CDN origin-pull traffic fees Monthly
    Public network outbound traffic fees


    1. Currently, CI offers free tiers for various features such as image processing, media processing, and file processing. For more information, see Free Tier. For feature or discount details, contact us.

    2. For more information on the COS overdue payment policy (data retention and termination), see Payment Overdue.

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