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Last updated: 2024-01-31 16:39:39

    Billing Mode

    How is CI billed?

    CI is pay-as-you-go (postpaid). For more information, see Billing Overview.

    What are the billable items of CI?


    How is the public network downstream traffic in CI generated and billed?

    Public network downstream traffic is the traffic generated by data transfer from CI to the client over the internet. Traffic generated by downloading an object directly through an object link or by browsing an object at a static website endpoint is public network downstream traffic. For billing details, see Traffic Fees.

    Will downloading files through the CI console, tools, API, or SDK incur public network downstream traffic fees?

    The traffic (private or public network traffic) generated by accessing CI is subject to the use case, and only access to CI from a Tencent Cloud product in the same region will be over the private network by default with no public network downstream traffic fees incurred.


    How do I view bills?

    You can view the fees incurred by the use of CI under your account in the Billing Center in the console. You can also view bucket-level bill details by downloading the usage details in the Billing Center.

    Overdue Payment

    Why can't I use the CI service after topping up my account to a positive balance?

    Your account will be automatically unblocked in ten minutes after it is topped up. If your account is still displayed as blocked, the browser may have cached the historical page. In this case, we recommend you refresh the webpage or clear the browser cache first.
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