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Advanced Features

Last updated: 2024-02-19 16:02:58
    The JS-SDK provides advanced features to directly manipulate files. Below is the call process of advanced features:

    1. Wait for a file to be loaded

    await demo.ready() // You can call an advanced API only after the demo is ready. The demo object is the object after the JS-SDK is instantiated.

    2. Get the file object

    // Text
    const wordApp = demo.WordApplication()
    // Spreadsheet
    const excelApp = demo.ExcelApplication()
    // Presentation
    const pptApp = demo.PPTApplication()
    // PDF
    const pdfApp = demo.PDFApplication()
    // Automatic recognition
    const app = demo.Application

    3. Use advanced features

    Below is the sample code of using advanced features on text, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF files. For the specific formats supported for each file type, see Specifications and Limits.

    Text file

    Spreadsheet file

    Presentation file

    PDF file

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