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Getting Media File Screenshot

Last updated: 2022-07-27 14:17:54

    Feature Description

    This API (GetSnapshot) is used to get a screenshot of a media file at some time point.

    API Explorer is recommended.
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    Tencent Cloud API Explorer provides various capabilities such as online call, signature verification, SDK code generation, and quick API search. You can also use it to query the request and response of each API call as well as generate sample code for calls.


    This API is in sync mode. For the async mode, see Job APIs - Screencapturing.

    Sample Request

    1. Via GET request

    GET /for-test.mp4?ci-process=snapshot&time=1&format=jpg HTTP/1.1
    Host: <BucketName-APPID>.cos.<Region>.myqcloud.com
    Date: <GMT Date>
    Authorization: <Auth String>
    Content-Length: <length>

    2. Via adding parameters to URL

    https://<BucketName-APPID>.cos.<Region>.myqcloud.com/for-test.mp4?ci-process=snapshot&time=1&format=jpg&<Auth String>

    • Authorization: Auth String (for more information, see Request Signature).
    • When this feature is used by a sub-account, relevant permissions must be granted. For more information, see Authorization Granularity.

    Request headers

    This API only uses common request headers. For more information, see Common Request Headers.

    Request parameters

    The parameters are described as follows:

    Parameter Description Type Required
    ci-process Operation type, which is fixed at snapshot. String Yes
    time Screenshot time point in seconds. float Yes
    width Screenshot width. Default value: 0 Int No
    height Screenshot height. Default value: 0.
    If width and height are both 0, the width and height of the video are used. If one of them is 0, the other value is used to automatically adapt to the aspect ratio of the video.
    Int No
    format Screenshot format. Valid values: jpg, png. Default value: jpg String No
    rotate Image rotation method
  • auto: Rotate automatically according to the video rotation information.
  • off: Do not rotate.
  • Default value: auto.
    String No
    mode Frame capturing method
  • keyframe: Capture the last keyframe before the specified time point.
  • exactframe: Capture the frame at a specified time point.
  • Default value: exactframe.
    String No

    Request body

    This request does not have a request body.


    Response headers

    This response contains common response headers. For more information, see Common Response Headers.

    Response body

    The response body is the screenshot file content.

    Error codes

    There are no special error messages for this request operation. For common error messages, see Error Codes.


    Request 1. GET request

    GET /for-test.mp4?ci-process=snapshot&time=1.5 HTTP/1.1
    Host: examplebucket-1250000000.cos.ap-beijing.myqcloud.com
    Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2016 09:45:46 GMT
    Authorization: q-sign-algorithm=sha1&q-ak=AKIDWtTCBYjM5OwLB9CAwA1Qb2ThTSUjfG****-sign-time=1484213027;32557109027&q-key-time=1484213027;32557109027&q-header-list=host&q-url-param-list=acl&q-signature=dcc1eb2022b79cb2a780bf062d3a40e120b40652
    Content-Length: 0

    Request 2. Adding parameters to URL



    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-Type: image/jpeg
    Content-Length: 266005
    Connection: keep-alive
    Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2016 09:45:46 GMT
    Server: tencent-cos
    x-cos-request-id: NTg3NzRiMjVfYmRjMzVfMTViMl82ZGZmNw==
    <Image content>
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