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Last updated: 2022-06-16 19:07:34
    For more information on the differences between Lighthouse and CVM, see Comparison with CVM.

    General Restrictions

    An instance supports the overall upgrade of the configuration (computing, storage, and network) on a bundle basis but not bundle downgrade. For more information, see Upgrading Instance Bundle.

    Quota Limits

    Different Lighthouse instance bundles have different quotas of purchasable instances.
    The instance quota refers to the maximum number of instances (including those to be repossessed) of a bundle type in a region under an account.
    For example:
    In Singapore region, the quota of General bundles is 20 per account. Assume that you 2 General instances in this region, your remaining quota of General instances in this region will be 18.
    In Silicon Valley region, the Enterprise instance bundle has a default quota of 50 instances. If you already have 10 Enterprise instances in this region, your remaining quota of Enterprise instances in this region will be 40.
    The quota of instances that can be created under each account is as shown below:
    Instance Package Type
    Quota (Instances/Region)
    Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan (China) and other countries/regions
    Lighthouse instances divide into General and Enterprise bundles that come with different configurations. For more information on instance bundles, see Basic Bundle Overview.
    The General bundle can be upgraded to the Enterprise bundle. The upgraded instances will take up the quota of the target package.
    Up to 100 firewall rules can be created for each Lighthouse instance.
    Up to 10 SSH key pairs can be created in each region under one account.
    Up to 20 custom images can be created in each region.
    Snapshot quota limits:
    The maximum number of free snapshots in each region is the number of created instances multiplied by 2 and cannot exceed 10.

    Private Network Connectivity Limits

    There are certain limits on private network connectivity between Lighthouse and other Tencent Cloud services. For more information, see Region and Network Connectivity.
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