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Creating Cloud Disks

Last updated: 2022-05-13 16:43:39


    You can create a cloud disk and attach it to any Lighthouse instances in the same availability zone to use as a data disk. This document describes how to create a cloud disk in the Tencent Cloud Lighthouse console.
    The CBS cloud disks used on Lighthouse instances are with the same performance as the ones used on CVM instances.


    Cloud disks can be attached only to the instances in the same availability zone (AZ). Cross-AZ attaching is not supported, and the AZ of cloud disks cannot be changed.
    Each region has a quota of 20 cloud disks.


    1. Log in to the Lighthouse console and click Cloud Disk on the left sidebar.
    2. On the top of the Cloud Disk page, select a region, and click Create.
    3. Configure the following parameters in the pop-up window:
    Parameter Name
    Availability zone
    The availability zone where the cloud disk is located.
    Cross-AZ attaching is not supported, and the AZ of the cloud disk cannot be changed.
    Cloud disk type
    Supports premium and SSD cloud disks. For more information, see Cloud Disk Types.
    Cloud disk capacity. The adjustment increment is 10 GB. The specifications are as follows:
    Premium cloud disks: 10 - 1000 GB
    SSD cloud disks: 20 - 1000 GB
    Disk name
    Optional. The name can contain up to 60 characters. When it's left empty, the cloud disk ID is used by default.
    Purchase quantity
    It defaults to 1. Up to 10 cloud disks can be created in a batch.
    Purchase period
    Valid range: 1 month (default) - 5 years.
    When it's enabled, the cloud disk is automatically renewed on a monthly basis upon its expiration when your account has sufficient balance.
    4. Click OK. You can view the created cloud disks on the Cloud Disk page. New cloud disks are "to be attached".

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