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Logging in to Windows Instance via VNC

Last updated: 2022-05-12 12:24:11


    VNC login provided by Tencent Cloud allows you to remotely log in to a Lighthouse instance via a web browser. If Remote Desktop Connection is not installed or cannot be used, you can log in to an instance via VNC to check the instance status and perform basic management operations.

    Usage Limits

    VNC currently does not support copy and paste, Chinese input methods, and file upload or download.
    When you use VNC to log in to an instance, you must use a mainstream browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10 or later.
    VNC login is a dedicated terminal, meaning only one user can use VNC login at a time.


    You must have the admin account (Administrator) and password for logging in to a Windows instance remotely.
    If you set a login password when creating an instance, use it for login. If you forgot it, you can reset it.
    If you choose to generate a random password when creating an instance, you can get it from Message Center.


    1. Log in to the Lighthouse console.
    2. Find the target instance in the server list and select a login method as desired.
    Click Log in in the instance card in the server list.
    On the instance details page, select the Overview tab and click Log in in Remote login or in the top-right corner of the page.
    After successful login, you can set up low-load lightweight applications with a moderate number of access requests, such as small and middle-sized websites, web applications, blogs, forums, mini programs, mini games, ecommerce, cloud storage, image hosting, and cloud-based development, testing, and learning environments.
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