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Quickly Creating Application with Lighthouse

Last updated: 2022-08-15 18:03:47
    This document describes how to use Lighthouse to quickly create an application. You can create and deploy an application with speed and ease as instructed in this document.

    Step 1. Sign up and top up

    1. Sign up for a Tencent Cloud account. If you already have a Tencent Cloud account, ignore this step.
    2. Top up. Lighthouse instances are available through monthly subscription. To make a purchase, you need to top up your account as instructed in Payment Methods.

    Step 2. Select an application image during Lighthouse instance creation

    1. Log in to the Lighthouse console.
    2. Click Create to enter the Lighthouse purchase page.
    Region: We recommend you select a region near your target users to reduce the network latency and improve their access speed.
    Availability zone: Randomly assigned is selected by default. You can select one as well.
    Image: Select the required application. In this example, the WordPress 5.7.1 application image is selected.
    Instance bundle: Select an instance bundle according to the required instance configuration (including CPU, memory, system disk, bandwidth, and data transfer plan).
    Instance Name: enter a custom instance name. If it is left empty, "image name-four random characters" will be used as the name by default. When instances are created in batches, their names will be consecutive with auto-incrementing suffixes. For example, if you enter "LH" as the name and select 3 as the quantity, 3 instances "LH1", "LH2", and "LH3" will be created.
    Purchase period: Default to 1 month.
    Quantity: One instance by default.
    3. Click Buy now.
    4. Make sure the configuration information is correct, click Submit order and make the payment as prompted.
    After making the payment, the WordPress application will be successfully created. Then, you can log in to the instance and manage the application.

    Step 3. Get the admin information

    1. Log in to the Lighthouse console and select the target instance in the instance list to enter its details page.
    2. Select the Pre-installed application tab, and enter the application details page.
    Only the Lighthouse instance created with "application image" has the Pre-installed application tab.
    In the Application Software Info column
    , click
    to copy the command for getting the WordPress admin account and password.
    4. In the Pre-installed software section, click Log in.
    5. In the pop-up login window, paste the command obtained in step 3 and press Enter. Then, you can obtain WordPress admin account (admin) and password (wordpress_password).

    Step 4. Manage the application

    1. In the Pre-installed software section, click Admin address of WordPress.
    2. In the opened browser window, enter the account and password obtained in Step 3. Get the admin information and click Log in. After successful login, you can manage, customize, and configure WordPress based on your actual needs as shown below:

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