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Comparison with Other Products

Last updated: 2022-02-25 18:55:04

Lighthouse is a new-gen cloud server service developed for lightweight use cases and has many advantages over traditional virtual private server (VPS) and virtual hosting services.


  • VPS: it uses server virtualization technologies to divide a single physical server into multiple virtual servers, each of which can have an independent IP address. You have complete admin permissions for your VPS servers and can configure them and install software programs on them as needed.
  • Virtual Hosting: aka shared web hosting, it allows multiple websites to share the same physical server (or cloud server service, i.e., virtual cloud hosting) at the underlying layer and uses a web server (such as Apache) to sustain these websites. The server has the runtime environments and databases used for website build preinstalled and hosts the database, network bandwidth, and storage resources shared by these websites. You have your own FTP permissions to upload webpage files to your own directory space. You have no permission to log in to the server's backend operating system; instead, you can only use virtual hosting to build websites.

The table below shows the feature comparison:

Feature Lighthouse VPS Virtual Hosting
Server lifecycle management ×
Server power state management ×
System image ×
Application image × ×
Quick application deployment (such as corporate website, blog, and forum) ×
Application management × ×
Independent IP ×
Firewall ×
Server monitoring ×
Remote server login ×
Integration with other Tencent Cloud services × ×
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