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Uploading Local Files to Lighthouse

Last updated: 2022-09-26 11:28:02
    This document describes how to upload local files to a Lighthouse instance or download the files on it to your local file system.

    Transfer Method

    Using TencentCloud Automation Tools to transfer files

    You can use TencentCloud Automation Tools to upload a local file to a Lighthouse instance or download a file on it to your local file system through the browser.
    Use Limits
    Uploading a file to a Lighthouse instance
    Only a text file of up to 36 KB in size can be uploaded.
    Only the uploaded files can be downloaded.
    Only Lighthouse instances on Linux are supported.
    Files can be uploaded only to the `home > lighthouse` directory.

    Other methods

    Follow the instructions below based on your local operating system and the operating system of the purchased Lighthouse instance.
    For example, if you use Windows on your local computer and have a Linux Lighthouse instance, you can use WinSCP to upload files to the instance.

    Subsequent Operations

    If you need to back up important business data or personal files, you can create a snapshot of the Lighthouse instance's system disk after uploading the files to the instance. For more information on the use cases and usage methods of snapshots, see Managing Snapshot.


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