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Refund Policy

Last updated: 2023-04-26 16:14:13
    • Each Tencent Cloud account can return 30 instances in each Lighthouse bundle and 199 cloud disks (used as data disks) per year in the method of standard returns.
    • If you purchase the instance at a discount price, then the discount amount is non-refundable.
    • All the refund amount will be credited into your Tencent Cloud account.
    • Standard returns are not available for Tencent Cloud International agent customers.

    Standard Returns


    • Under each account:
    • 30 instances per bundle can be returned in the console each year.
    • 199 cloud disks (used as data disks) can be returned in the console each year.
    • The refund amount does not include fees for usage duration, and will be credited to your Tencent Cloud account in the proportion of the cash and free credit used at the time of purchase.
      The refund formula is: Refund = Payment amount - (usage duration / total duration) × "original order price"

      The usage duration is calculated by day. The duration less than one day is calculated by one day.



    The following prices are for demonstration only but not actual prices at the official website. The actual unit prices, which may vary by region, campaign, or policy, shall prevail.


    The instance is in Singapore region. It uses a system image based on CentOS 7.6. Its bundle specification is 2 CPU cores, 2 GB memory, 30 GB SSD cloud disk, 30 Mbps bandwidth, and 1024 GB monthly data transfer. Purchase this instance for 1 year with a 60% discount.
    The original order amount is: 5 USD × 12 months = 60 USD
    The actual payment amount is: 5 USD × 12 months × 0.4 = 24 USD

    Standard return sample

    The instance has been used for 30 days and is needed to be returned due to business changes. The standard return quota of 30 instances for this bundle has not been used up under this account.
    The refund is 24 USD - (30 days/365 days) × 60 USD = 19.07 USD


    24 USD is the actual payment amount for the order, and 60 USD is the original order price.

    Refund Operation

    If you meet the rules for the above-mentioned returns, do the following:

    • Manually terminate the Lighthouse instance as instructed in Terminating Instance.
    • Manually terminate the cloud disk used as data disk as instructed in Terminating Cloud Disks.

      After the instance and the cloud disk are terminated, the system will automatically proceed to the refund process. Generally, after you return a Lighthouse instance and the cloud disk(s), the refund amount will be automatically credited into your Tencent Cloud account in half an hour.

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