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Last updated: 2022-09-26 17:00:12

Quota APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeGeneralResourceQuotas Queries the quota information of general resources

Snapshot APIs

API Name Feature
ApplyInstanceSnapshot Rolls back instance snapshot
CreateInstanceSnapshot Creates instance snapshot
DeleteSnapshots Deletes snapshot
DescribeSnapshots Queries snapshot list
DescribeSnapshotsDeniedActions Queries the list of operation limits of instances
ModifySnapshotAttribute Modifies snapshot attribute

Other APIs

API Name Feature
InquirePriceCreateInstances Queries the price of created instance
InquirePriceRenewInstances Queries the price of renewing instances

Firewall APIs

API Name Feature
CreateFirewallRules Adds firewall rule
DeleteFirewallRules Deletes firewall rule
DescribeFirewallRules Queries firewall rules
DescribeFirewallRulesTemplate Queries a firewall rule template
ModifyFirewallRuleDescription Modifies firewall rule description
ModifyFirewallRules Modifies firewall rules

Package APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeBundleDiscount Queries package discount
DescribeBundles Queries package

Image APIs

API Name Feature
CreateBlueprint Creates image
DeleteBlueprints Deletes image
DescribeBlueprintInstances Queries image instance information
DescribeBlueprints Queries image information
InquirePriceCreateBlueprint Queries the price of created image
ModifyBlueprintAttribute Modifies image attribute

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
CreateInstances Creates one or more instances
DescribeInstanceVncUrl Queries the VNC URL of instance
DescribeInstances Views instance list
DescribeInstancesDeniedActions Views the list of operation limits of instances
DescribeInstancesDiskNum Queries the number of cloud disks attached to instances
DescribeInstancesReturnable Queries whether the specified instance can be returned
DescribeInstancesTrafficPackages Views the traffic package details of instances
DescribeModifyInstanceBundles Queries the list of package options of instance
DescribeResetInstanceBlueprints Queries the image information of reset instance
ModifyInstancesAttribute Modifies instance attribute
ModifyInstancesRenewFlag Modifies the renewal flags of instances
RebootInstances Restarts instances
ResetInstance Reinstalls system
ResetInstancesPassword Resets instance password
StartInstances Starts instances
StopInstances Shuts down instances
TerminateInstances Terminates one or more instances

Key APIs

API Name Feature
AssociateInstancesKeyPairs Binds key pair
CreateKeyPair Creates key pair
DeleteKeyPairs Deletes key pair
DescribeInstanceLoginKeyPairAttribute Queries the attributes of default login key of instance
DescribeKeyPairs Queries key pair list
DisassociateInstancesKeyPairs Unbinds key pair
ImportKeyPair Imports key pair
ModifyInstancesLoginKeyPairAttribute Modifies the attributes of default login key pair of instance


API Name Feature
AttachCcn Associates CCN instance
DescribeCcnAttachedInstances Queries the information of instances associated with CCN
DetachCcn Unassociates CCN instance
ResetAttachCcn Applies for associating with CCN again

Region APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeRegions Queries region list
DescribeZones Queries AZ list


API Name Feature
AttachDisks Attaches cloud disks
DescribeDiskConfigs Queries cloud disk configuration
DescribeDiskDiscount Queries the discount information of cloud disk
DescribeDisks Queries cloud disks
DescribeDisksDeniedActions Queries the list of operation limits of cloud disks
DescribeDisksReturnable Queries whether the specified cloud disk can be returned
DetachDisks Detaching cloud disks
InquirePriceCreateDisks Query the price of purchasing cloud disks.
InquirePriceRenewDisks Queries the price of renewing cloud disks
ModifyDisksAttribute Modifies cloud disk attributes
ModifyDisksRenewFlag Modifies the configuration of auto-renewal of cloud disks
TerminateDisks Terminates cloud disks
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