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Tencent Cloud Support for Lighthouse Images

Last updated: 2022-05-30 16:08:00
Tencent Cloud Lighthouse provides rich application images for efficient application deployment. Besides the underlying operating systems (CentOS and Windows Server), these images also encapsulate third-party applications (such as LAMP, WordPress, ASP.NET, and Node.js), the runtime environments, and relevant initialization configuration files. Tencent Cloud provides support for the images deployed in the Lighthouse instances, including the operating system and Tencent Cloud software and ensures the proper running of the server. The user needs to take care of the rest part of the server, such as applications installed by themselves.
Tencent does not provide any technical support for any Third Party Software. Please visit the relevant open source communities for technical support.
Tencent Cloud provides the following support on the listed application images. You can also seek help on the official websites of the third-party software and other community websites.
Application Image Name
Tencent Cloud Support
Third-party Tutorial
For a Lighthouse instance created using the application image, Tencent Cloud will guarantee that:
The instance can be started up normally and enter the "running" status.
The operating system can be booted and run normally.
The pre-installed third-party application software in the application image and the operating environment that the application depends on can be started and run normally, and the preset initialization configuration file can be loaded normally.
Third-party tutorials are for learning and reference only.






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