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Price Overview

Last updated: 2022-07-04 12:39:50

    This document lists the pricing details of Lighthouse instances, including basic bundle, out-of-plan data transfer, custom image, and cloud disk. For more information on the billing mode, payment overdue policy, and refund policy, see Billing Overview.

    Basic Bundle Pricing

    • Linux bundle: Uses a Linux system image or an application image based on Linux.
    • Windows bundle: Uses a Windows Server system image or an ASP.NET application image.
    • Any bundle not included in the table has been discontinued. Discontinued bundles are no longer purchasable but can be renewed at the original price. We recommend you upgrade a discontinued bundle. For more information, see Upgrading Instance Bundle.

    Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Frankfurt, Mumbai

    CPU (Core)Memory (GB)System Disk - SSD (GB)Bandwidth (Mbps)Monthly Data Transfer (GB)Price (USD/Month)

    Out-of-plan Data Transfer Pricing

    Region Price (USD/GB)
    Tokyo 0.13
    Hong Kong (China) 0.12
    Silicon Valley, Frankfurt 0.077
    Mumbai 0.1
    Singapore 0.081

    Custom Image Pricing

    A free tier of five custom images is provided for each region, and the unit price of excessive ones is 0.0015 USD/hour.

    Cloud Disk Pricing

    Pricing information

    Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Silicon Valley, Japan, Frankfurt, and India: 0.17 USD/GB/month

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