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Last updated: 2022-09-26 17:00:12

Lighthouse is a cloud server that is easy to use and manage and suitable for carrying light business loads. It can help SMEs and developers quickly build various applications, such as websites, blogs, e-commerce and forums, and development and test environments in the cloud. It integrates a one-stop service for application deployment, configuration and management, greatly facilitating the building of applications and offering you the best way to get started with Tencent Cloud.

Request and response parameters

  • Limit and Offset

    These parameters are used for paging control. Limit indicates the maximum number of entries returned at a time, and Offset is the offset value. If the number of results exceeds the Limit, the number of returned results equals to the value of Limit.

    For example, if Offset=0, and Limit=20, the 0th to 19th entries are returned; if Offset=20&Limit=20, the 20th to 39th entries are returned; if Offset=40 and Limit=20, the 40th to 59th entries are returned, and so on.

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