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Private Network Interconnection

Last updated: 2022-08-15 18:03:47


    Lighthouse uses the Virtual Private Cloud automatically assigned by Tencent Cloud for network isolation. By default, Lighthouse instances cannot interconnect with other Tencent Cloud resources in VPCs such as CVM and TencentDB over the private network, and their interconnection needs to be implemented by associating a CCN instance. The interconnection feature is applicable to the following businesses:
    Lighthouse access to CVM.
    Lighthouse access to TencentDB.
    Lighthouse instances in the same region under the same account are interconnected over the private network by default. For more information, see Region and Interconnection.
    Lighthouse and COS in the same region are interconnected over the private network by default with no need to be interconnected over CCN.
    Other Tencent Cloud resources need to use VPC to interconnect with Lighthouse.
    This document describes how to associate/disassociate an instance with/from CCN in the Lighthouse console. For more information on CCN, see Overview.


    The interconnection feature of Lighthouse is free of charge. You only need to pay attention to CCN billing information. For more information, see Pricing.
    CCN cross-MLC-border connections are not available for Lighthouse instances.
    Under the same account:
    All Lighthouse instances in the same region are in the same VPC. A VPC can be associated with only one CCN instance.
    Lighthouse instances in different regions are in different VPCs, which need to be associated with CCN instances separately.
    If there are no Lighthouse instances in a region, you cannot associate a CCN instance in that region.


    Applying for Associating with a CCN

    1. Log in to the Lighthouse console and select Interconnection on the left sidebar.
    2. Select Associate CCN Instance in the target region.
    3. In the Associate with CCN pop-up window, select the target CCN instance and click OK to submit the association application.
    If no CCN instances are available, create one as instructed in Creating a CCN Instance.
    Only CCN instances under the same account can be associated with.
    After submitting the association application, log in to the CCN console in seven days to approve the application; otherwise, the application will expire, and you need to apply for association again.
    4. Log in to the CCN console, and click the ID/Name of the target CCN instance to open its details page.
    5. On the CCN instance details page, select Approve on the right of the target association application. Remarks "Lighthouse VPC" will be added to the VPC instance of Lighthouse by default. Select the correct instance as shown below:
    6. In the pop-up window, click OK to complete association. On the interconnection page, the region status will become Connected.
    7. After the association is complete, check that the route is valid by following these steps: i. On the Interconnection page, click CCN ID under the region to go to the CCN details page. ii. On the CCN details page, select Route Table tab. iii. Confirm that the new routes are "valid". If there is a CIDR block conflict, the route may be invalid.
    To use invalid routes, see Disabling Route and [Enabling route](https://intl.cloud.tencent. com/document/product/1003/30069). For conflict rules and restrictions, see Use Limits.
    8. After associating the Lighthouse instance with CCN, you can associate Tencent Cloud resources such as CVM and TencentDB instances to CCN to implement interconnection. For more information, see Associating Network Instances.

    Disassociating from a CCN

    You can disassociate a CCN instance when the CCN association application status is Applying, Expired, or Connected. If the status is Connected, disassociation will interrupt the connections of all instances in the current region to other VPCs in CCN. Perform the following operations after confirming that they will not affect your business:
    1. Log in to the Lighthouse console and select Interconnection on the left sidebar.
    2. Select Disassociate in the target region.
    3. In the Disassociate from CCN pop-up window, click OK.

    Examples of Interconnection Between Lighthouse with Cloud Resources

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