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Last updated: 2022-05-09 15:01:02

    TencentDB for MySQL supports three types of architectures: single-node (formerly Basic Edition), two-node (formerly High-Availability Edition), and three-node (formerly Finance Edition). General single-node instances are formerly known as Single-node High IO Edition instances.


    Single-node (formerly Basic Edition) is currently in the process of reconstruction and upgrading, and sales will be suspended during this period.

    Viewing Instance Architectures

    • For instances to be purchased, enter the TencentDB for MySQL purchase page, and select the architecture in the Architecture section.
    • For purchased instances, log in to the MySQL console, find the target instance from the instance list, and view its architecture in the Configuration column.

    Architecture Comparison

    Resource isolation policy GeneralGeneralGeneralBasic
    Supported version MySQL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0MySQL 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0MySQL 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0MySQL 5.7
    Node One source, one replicaOne source, two replicasSingle nodeSingle node
    Source-replica replication mode Async (default), semi-syncAsync (default), strong sync, and semi-sync--
    Instance availability 99.95%99.99%--
    Underlying storage Local NVMe SSDLocal NVMe SSDLocal NVMe SSDPremium cloud disk
    Performance Up to 240,000 IOPSUp to 240,000 IOPS-IOPS calculation formula:
    {min 1,500 + 8 x disk capacity, max 4,500}
    Use cases Gaming, internet, IoT, retail, e-commerce, logistics, insurance, securities, etc. Gaming, internet, IoT, retail, e-commerce, logistics, insurance, securities, etc. Applications with read/write separation requirements Personal learning, small websites, non-core small enterprise systems, and medium-to-large enterprise development and testing


    • TencentDB for MySQL supports MySQL 8.0, 5.7, 5.6, and 5.5. For more information, see Database Versions.
    • TencentDB for MySQL supports the following instance types: source instances and read-only replicas. For more information, see Database Instance Types.
    • TencentDB for MySQL supports different features in different architectures. For more information, see List of Feature Differences.
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