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Killing Idle Transactions Automatically

Last updated: 2022-03-02 22:24:30

    Feature Overview

    This feature kills transactions that have been idle for the specified time period to release resources in time.

    Supported Versions

    • Kernel version: MySQL 5.6 20180915 and above.
    • Kernel version: MySQL 5.7 20180918 and above.
    • Kernel version: MySQL 8.0 20200630 and above.

    Application Scenarios

    If a connection starts a transaction (explicitly using begin/start transaction or implicitly) but no new statement has been executed for the specified threshold period, the connection will be killed.


    Use the cdb_kill_idle_trans_timeout parameter to enable or disable the feature. If it is 0, the feature is disabled; otherwise, a connection idle for cdb_kill_idle_trans_timeout or wait_timeout seconds, whichever is smaller, will be killed. (wait_timeout is a session parameter.)

    Parameter Effective Immediately Type Default Value Valid Values/Value Range Description
    cdb_kill_idle_trans_timeout Yes ulong 0 [0, 31536000] If it is 0, the feature is disabled; otherwise, a transaction idle for cdb_kill_idle_trans_timeout seconds will be killed.

    Currently, you cannot directly modify the values of the above parameters. If needed, submit a ticket for assistance.

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