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TencentDB for CYNOSDB_MYSQL Monitoring Metrics

Last updated: 2020-07-14 16:39:16



    Monitoring Metrics

    Parameter Metric Name Unit Dimension
    BytesReceived Private inbound traffic MB/% InstanceId
    BytesSent Private outbound traffic MB/% Instanceld
    ComDelete Deletions Times/sec InstanceId
    ComInsert Insertions Times/sec InstanceId
    CountSelect Queries Times/sec InstanceId
    ComUpdate Updates Times/sec InstanceId
    CpuUsageRate CPU utilization % InstanceId
    DbConnections Number of connections Count InstanceId
    MemoryUse Memory usage MB InstanceId
    Qps Number of requests Times/sec InstanceId
    StorageUsage Storage usage GB InstanceId
    Tps Transactions per second Times/sec InstanceId
    CacheHitRate Cache hit rate % InstanceId
    CacheHits Cache hits Times InstanceId
    DataVolumeUsage Data tablespace usage GB Instanceld
    DataVolumeAllocate Allocated data tablespace capacity GB InstanceId
    MaxConnections Maximum number of connections Times InstanceId
    UndoVolumeAllocate Allocated undo tablespace capacity GB InstanceId
    UndoVolumeUsage Usage of the undo tablespace GB Instanceld
    TmpVolumeAllocate Allocated temporary tablespace capacity GB Instanceld
    TmpVolumeUsage Temporary tablespace usage GB Instanceld

    The statistical granularity (period) may vary by metric. The DescribeBaseMetrics API can be used to obtain the period supported by each metric.

    Overview of the Parameters in Each Dimension

    Parameter Name Dimension Name Dimension Description Format
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Name InstanceId Dimension name of the database instance ID Enter a string-type dimension name, such as InstanceId
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Value InstanceId A specific database instance ID Enter a specific database instance ID, such as cynosdbmysql-ins-12ab34cd

    Input Parameters

    To query the monitoring data of TencentDB for CynosDB, use the following input parameters:

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