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Last updated: 2022-09-07 14:51:59

Monitoring data query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeBaseMetrics Gets the attributes of basic metrics
DescribeStatisticData Queries monitoring data by dimension conditions
GetMonitorData Pulls metric monitoring data

Alarm APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeAlarmHistories Queries alarm records
CreateAlarmPolicy Creates a Cloud Monitor alarm policy
DeleteAlarmPolicy Deletes alarm policy
DescribeAlarmPolicies Queries the list of alarm policies (by instance, etc.)
DescribeAlarmPolicy Gets the details of single alarm policy
ModifyAlarmPolicyStatus Enables/Disables alarm policy
SetDefaultAlarmPolicy Sets default alarm policy
BindingPolicyObject Binds a policy object.
UnBindingPolicyObject Deletes an object that is bound to a policy.
UnBindingAllPolicyObject Deletes all bound objects.
DescribeBindingPolicyObjectList Gets the bound object list.
ModifyAlarmPolicyCondition Modifies the trigger condition of an alarm policy
ModifyAlarmPolicyNotice Modifies alarm notification template bound to alarm policy
ModifyAlarmPolicyTasks Modifies task triggered by alarm policy
DescribeMonitorTypes Queries monitor types
DescribeAllNamespaces Queries all namespaces
DescribeAlarmMetrics Queries alarm metric list
DescribeAlarmEvents Queries alarm event list
DescribeConditionsTemplateList Gets the trigger condition template
DescribePolicyConditionList Gets basic alarm policy conditions.
DescribePolicyGroupInfo Gets details of a basic policy group.
ModifyAlarmPolicyInfo Edits the basic information of alarm policy
PutMonitorData Customizes monitoring data to be reported.
SendCustomAlarmMsg Sends a custom alarm notification.

Legacy alarm APIs

API Name Feature
CreatePolicyGroup Adds a policy group.
DeletePolicyGroup Deletes an alarm policy group.
DescribeBasicAlarmList Gets the basic alarm list.
DescribePolicyGroupList Gets the list of basic policy alarm groups.
ModifyAlarmReceivers Modifies alarm recipients.
ModifyPolicyGroup Updates policy group

Notification template APIs

API Name Feature
CreateAlarmNotice Creates notification template
DeleteAlarmNotices Deletes alarm notification templates in batches
ModifyAlarmNotice Modifies notification template
DescribeAlarmNotices Queries notification template list
DescribeAlarmNotice Queries the details of single notification template
DescribeAlarmNoticeCallbacks Gets the list of all callback URLs under account

Prometheus Service APIs

API Name Feature
BindPrometheusManagedGrafana Binds a Grafana instance
CreateAlertRule Creates an alerting rule
CreateExporterIntegration Creates an exporter integration
CreatePrometheusAgent Creates a Prometheus CVM agent
CreatePrometheusMultiTenantInstancePostPayMode Creates a pay-as-you-go Prometheus instance
CreatePrometheusScrapeJob Creates a Prometheus scrape task
CreateRecordingRule Creates a recording rule
CreateServiceDiscovery Creates a scrape configuration
DeleteAlertRules Deletes alerting rules
DeleteExporterIntegration Deletes an exporter integration
DeletePrometheusScrapeJobs Deletes a Prometheus scrape task
DeleteRecordingRules Deletes recording rules
DescribeAlertRules Queries an alerting rule
DescribeExporterIntegrations Queries the list of exporter integrations
DescribePrometheusAgents Lists Prometheus CVM agents
DescribePrometheusInstances Queries the list of Prometheus instances
DescribePrometheusScrapeJobs Lists Prometheus scrape tasks
DescribeRecordingRules Queries recording rules
DescribeServiceDiscovery Lists scrape configurations
DestroyPrometheusInstance Forcibly releases a Prometheus instance
GetPrometheusAgentManagementCommand Gets the command line for Prometheus agent management
ModifyPrometheusInstanceAttributes Modifies the attributes of a Prometheus instance
TerminatePrometheusInstances Terminates a pay-as-you-go Prometheus instance
UnbindPrometheusManagedGrafana Unbinds a Grafana instance from an instance
UninstallGrafanaDashboard Deletes a Grafana dashboard
UpdateAlertRule Updates an alerting rule
UpdateAlertRuleState Updates the status of an alerting rule
UpdateExporterIntegration Updates the exporter integration configuration
UpdatePrometheusAgentStatus Updates the status of a Prometheus CVM agent
UpdatePrometheusScrapeJob Updates a Prometheus scrape task
UpdateRecordingRule Updates a recording rule
UpgradeGrafanaDashboard Updates a Grafana dashboard

Grafana Service APIs

API Name Feature
CleanGrafanaInstance Forcibly terminates a Grafana instance
CreateGrafanaInstance Creates a Grafana instance
CreateGrafanaIntegration Creates a Grafana integration configuration
CreateGrafanaNotificationChannel Creates a Grafana notification channel
CreateSSOAccount Authorizes another Tencent Cloud user
DeleteGrafanaInstance Deletes a Grafana instance
DeleteGrafanaIntegration Deletes a Grafana integration configuration
DeleteGrafanaNotificationChannel Deletes a Grafana notification channel
DeleteSSOAccount Deletes an authorized user
DescribeDNSConfig Lists Grafana DNS configurations
DescribeGrafanaConfig Lists Grafana settings
DescribeGrafanaEnvironments Lists Grafana environment variables
DescribeGrafanaInstances Lists all Grafana instances under a user account
DescribeGrafanaIntegrations Lists installed Grafana integrations
DescribeGrafanaNotificationChannels Lists Grafana notification channels
DescribeGrafanaWhiteList Lists the Grafana allowlist
DescribeInstalledPlugins Lists the plugins installed in an instance
DescribeSSOAccount Lists authorized accounts
EnableGrafanaInternet Sets the Grafana public network access
EnableGrafanaSSO Sets the Grafana SSO
EnableSSOCamCheck Sets whether to enable authentication during SSO
InstallPlugins Installs a Grafana plugin
ModifyGrafanaInstance Modifies the attributes of a Grafana instance
ResumeGrafanaInstance Restores a Grafana instance
UninstallGrafanaPlugins Deletes installed plugins
UpdateDNSConfig Updates the Grafana DNS configuration
UpdateGrafanaConfig Updates the Grafana configuration
UpdateGrafanaEnvironments Updates Grafana environment variables
UpdateGrafanaIntegration Updates the Grafana integration configuration
UpdateGrafanaNotificationChannel Updates the Grafana notification channel
UpdateGrafanaWhiteList Updates the Grafana allowlist
UpdateSSOAccount Updates the account information
UpgradeGrafanaInstance Upgrades a Grafana instance

Event center APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeProductEventList Gets the list of product events.
DescribeAccidentEventList Gets the platform event list.
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