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Last updated: 2022-07-25 18:42:50

    Cloud Monitor (CM) provides comprehensive Tencent Cloud service data monitoring, smart data analysis, real-time failure alarms, and custom data reports to help you precisely monitor the health conditions of services in real time.

    You can use the APIs in this document to perform various operations on the CM service, such as reading monitoring data. For supported operations, see API Overview.

    You need to fully understand the concepts in Product Introduction and Monitoring Overview before using these APIs.


    • All CM APIs in this section have been upgraded to API 3.0. Future CM features will also be added here. We recommend you use API 3.0.

    The following describes the common terms used in CM:

    1. Glossary

    Term Description
    Namespace A namespace is a container for metrics. Metrics in different namespaces are isolated from each other, so that metrics from different applications will not be mistakenly aggregated into the same statistics.
    Metric A metric can be seen as a variable to monitor, and its data points represent the values of that variable over time. For example, the CPU utilization of a CVM instance is a metric, and the capacity utilization of a TencentDB instance is another metric.
    Dimension A dimension is a name-value pair structure that identifies a monitoring object and is used to describe its characteristics.
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