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HiveServer2 migrates to Router

Last updated: 2020-12-04 17:50:36

    How do I migrate HiveServer2 to a router node?

    1. Log in to the EMR console, and click the specific cluster ID in the ID/Name column on the Cluster List page to go to the cluster details page. Click Cluster Resource > Resource Management to go to the resource management page. Click Scale Out to go to the cluster scale-out page.

      On the cluster scale-out page, select Router in Node Type and Hive-2.3.5 in Scale-out Service. Configure other settings as required.
    2. Log in to the router node and modify the hive-site.xml configuration file.
    3. Disable the Hive service on the master node.
      On the Cluster Service page, select Operation > Role Management for the Hive component, pause all the Hive processes on the master node, and restart the Hive processes on the router node.
    4. Conduct a test.
      On the router node, check whether HiveServer2 can be properly connected to and existing tables can be queried; if yes, the migration is successful.
    5. Modify the Hue configuration file to route requests to the Hive component on the router node.
      vim /usr/local/service/knox/conf/topologies/emr.xml Modify `HIVE` and `HIVEUI`.
      Run the following commands to restart Knox:
      su hadoop 
      /usr/local/service/knox/bin/gateway.sh stop ; /usr/local/service/knox/bin/gateway.sh start
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