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Kylin Monitoring Metrics

Last updated: 2022-05-16 12:45:13

    Kylin - Kylin

    Title Metric Unit Description
    GC count YGC - Young GC count
    FGC - Full GC count
    GC time FGCT s Full GC time
    GCT s Garbage collection time
    YGCT s Young GC time
    Memory zone proportion S0 % Percentage of used Survivor 0 memory
    E % Percentage of used Eden memory
    CCS % Percentage of used compressed class space memory
    S1 % Percentage of used Survivor 1 memory
    O % Percentage of used Old memory
    M % Percentage of used Metaspace memory
    JVM memory MemHeapUsedM MB Size of HeapMemory currently used by JVM
    MemHeapCommittedM MB Size of HeapMemory committed by JVM
    MemHeapMaxM MB Size of HeapMemory configured by JVM
    MemHeapInitM MB Size of initial JVM HeapMemory
    MemNonHeapUsedM MB Size of NonHeapMemory currently used by JVM
    MemNonHeapCommittedM MB Size of NonHeapMemory committed by JVM
    MemNonHeapInitM MB Size of initial JVM NonHeapMemory
    File descriptors OpenFileDescriptorCount - Number of opened file descriptors
    MaxFileDescriptorCount - Maximum number of file descriptors
    CPU utilization ProcessCpuLoad % Process CPU utilization
    SystemCpuLoad % System CPU Utilization
    Worker threads DaemonThreadCount - Number of daemon threads
    ThreadCount - Total number of threads
    Cumulative CPU usage time ProcessCpuTime ms Cumulative CPU usage time
    Process execution duration Uptime s Process execution duration
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