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Product Releases and Component Versions

Last updated: 2023-12-27 09:48:39

    Disused EMR Versions

    Some earlier EMR versions are disused as they can’t use the new features from the community due to the low versions of open-source components. You can't create new clusters on those disused versions, but you can still scale in and out the existing ones.
    Disused versions of the Hadoop cluster type: EMR v1.3.1, EMR vV2.0.1, EMR v2.1.0, EMR v2.2.0, EMR v2.4.0, EMR v2.5.1, EMR v3.0.0, EMR v3.2.0, and EMR-TianQiong v1.0.0.
    Disused version of the Druid cluster type: Druid v1.0.0.
    We recommend that you create clusters with the latest stable versions of cluster types to enjoy more features and more stable services.

    EMR Standard Edition Changelog

    Currently, EMR Standard supports the Hadoop, Druid, ClickHouse, Kafka, Doris, and StarRocks clusters.
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