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Mounting File System to Unified Alluxio File System

Last updated: 2022-08-08 11:04:32


    Alluxio provides a unified namespace mechanism that allows other file systems to be mounted to the file system of Alluxio. In addition, it allows upper-layer applications to use the unified namespace to access data scattered across different systems.

    Mounting COS

    Sample: Mounting a COS bucket to an Alluxio directory

    bin/alluxio fs mount --option fs.cos.access.key=<COS_SECRET_ID> \
      --option fs.cos.secret.key=<COS_SECRET_KEY> \
      --option fs.cos.region=<COS_REGION> \
      --option fs.cos.app.id=<COS_APP_ID> \
      /cos cos://<COS_BUCKET>/

    Configure the COS information in each --option.

    Configuration Item Description
    fs.cos.access.key The COS secret ID
    fs.cos.secret.key The COS secret key
    fs.cos.region The COS region name, such as ap-beijing
    fs.cos.app.id Your AppID
    COS_BUCKET The COS bucket name without the AppID suffix

    This command mounts the COS directory specified by cos://bucket/xxx to the /cos directory in Alluxio.

    Mounting HDFS

    Sample: Mounting an HDFS directory to an Alluxio directory

    `bin/alluxio fs mount /hdfs hdfs://data` 

    This command mounts the /data directory of HDFS to the /hdfs subdirectory of Alluxio.
    After the mount is successful, the mounted content can be viewed by running the alluxio fs ls command.

    Mounting CHDFS

    Sample: Mounting CHDFS to Alluxio through mount


    This is supported only for EMR 2.5.0 or later + Alluxio 2.3.0 or later.

    alluxio fs mount   \ 
    --option alluxio.underfs.hdfs.configuration=/usr/local/service/hadoop/etc/hadoop/core-site.xml  \
    /chdfs ofs://f4modr7kmvw-wMqw.chdfs.ap-chongqing.myqcloud.com
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